Stay Informed: Keeping Up with Traffic and Weather With RidingMoto App

Motorcycle rides are the best way to feel nature and wander in the locality, however, every rider should be updated on the traffic and weather updates before heading out with your motorcycle. It’s not just for convenience but for safety; the road is the home of several hazards, and stormy weather and heavy traffic can make it more dangerous. 

In this write-up, we’ll delve into why you should be updated on the weather and traffic, how you can stay updated, and tips on how to ride a motorcycle in rainy weather and traffic-prone areas.

Why should you stay updated with the traffic and weather?

Weather and traffic are crucial in making your ride adventurous and disastrous. I’ve been riding around the globe for over a decade, and I know how bad it is to get stuck in traffic or rain without any planning. 

  • Safety First For Motorcycle Riders: Safety should be a priority for every rider, especially motorcycle riders, as they have 28 times more chances of dying in a road accident compared to car drivers. By staying informed about traffic and weather, they can avoid hazardous situations and save their ride from being adventurous to disastrous. 
  • Efficient Motorcycle Route Planning: Weather and traffic can change any route from appropriate to nightmare. Many of my fellow riders have faced this before: when there is heavy rain, your preferred route can become a nightmare by becoming slippery or muddy. Also, if you’re on a long trip in remote areas, weather can fill the potholes and make them invisible, resulting in severe accidents. 
  • Comfortable Motorcycle Riding Experience: Staying updated with the traffic and weather updates can make your ride comfortable. For example, if you know it will rain in some time, you will get out with a raincoat and other gear to keep yourself safe. It is the same if you know it will be too hot; you’ll dress up according to your comfort. 

How do you stay informed about the traffic and weather?

There are several sources to stay updated with the traffic and weather forecasts, which riders can utilize to plan their ride accordingly. We accept that no technology can predict the weather. However, some apps have reached perfection in predicting the weather. 

Traffic Updates RidingMoto

  • Apps: We all know several navigation apps can provide you with the best route along with live traffic updates. RidingMoto is well-known as it is specially developed for motorcycle riders and provides routes and traffic updates according to the motorcycle. 
  • Radio traffic reports: In several countries, there are radio channels where you can get live updates and route diversion news. Riders can get updates from these traffic channels as they are a reliable source for everyone.  
  • Social Media: We live in a technological world where you get updates from any corner of the world within seconds through social media. There are several local groups on the social media platform where you can get traffic updates on the local routes. 

Weather Updates RidingMoto

  • Weather Apps: Riders can install weather apps to get live weather updates. Several weather apps provide minute-to-minute information with high accuracy. Apps like AccuWeather, Google Weather, RidingMoto App, etc., can be used by Motorcycle riders to get weather updates before heading out to the road.  
  • Weather Websites: Websites like and National Weather Service provide accurate weather reports and maps for any location in the world. Motorcycle riders can utilize these websites before taking their motorcycle out for a ride or planning a long motorcycle trip
  • Emergency updates: Nowadays, the Government sends SMS alerts to people’s Smartphones about severe weather conditions like heavy rain, thunderstorms, and windy weather in your area. You can check for these alerts and plan the ride accordingly.

These are the few ways in which you can keep yourself updated with the weather and traffic forecasts. If you don’t want to check out multiple or different platforms, we suggest you install and utilize the RidingMoto app; it is a one-stop solution for riders. 

We will dive into the RidingMoto app later. First, let me provide a few tips on riding safely in severe weather and heavy traffic. 

How can you Ride Safely in All Weather and Traffic Conditions?

  • Maintain minimal distance from other vehicles: This one is the first and foremost tip for every rider; even if the weather is perfect for riding, riders should maintain a minimal distance from other vehicles to get enough time to use breaks and avoid collisions. In bad weather, maintaining a minimal speed is a must, as there are chances that bad weather may result in low visibility. 
  • Plan Ahead: Nothing can be worse than an unplanned road trip. Roads are the home of severe hazards and can become more dangerous in bad weather. Riders must preplan their trip for all weather before heading to the road to ensure their and other’s safety. 
  • Prepare your Bike: Your bike will be your companion for the entire ride, and it is none other than your responsibility to make a T-CLOCK (Tyre, clutch, lights, oil, control, and kickstand) check. If your bike is not in top condition, repair it and make it reliable for long trips and weather conditions. 
  • Wear riding gear: As a rider, I love my riding gear and invest a lot in it because I know it will save me from spending a fortune on medical expenses if I crash or have an accident. I also recommend you invest in high-quality riding gear such as Helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, and pants before spending a fortune on hospital bills. Your Riding gear will be your savior in lousy weather. 
  • Stay alert: When riding a motorcycle, riders should stay alert and pay attention to changing roads, traffic signals, and fellow riders’ hand signals to prevent any unwanted scenario. Riders should always be ready for changing traffic and weather. 
  • Be seen by others- increase your visibility: According to a report by the U.S. Transport Department, 75% of motorcycle accidents happen due to the motorcyclist not being seen by others. Riders can increase their visibility by wearing high-wavelength colors such as Red and embedding extra lights that can be seen in bad weather. 

These are a few tips that you can use to enhance your riding experience, especially in bad weather or heavy traffic. Now, let’s move on to how RidingMoto App can help you stay informed about traffic and weather forecasts. 

Stay Informed with RidingMoto: Your Ultimate Companion for Riding

Staying informed about traffic & weather conditions is a must for motorcycle riders and having the right app can positively impact the riding experience. RidingMoto is a highly praised tool by professional riders and nomads. 

How can RidingMoto enhance your riding experience in bad weather or traffic?

  • Customized Route Planning: With RidingMoto, riders can personalize their route. Whether commuting to work or heading on a weekend adventure, the app provides real-time traffic updates and suggests the most motorcycle-friendly routes.
  • Real-Time Traffic Updates: With RidingMoto, say goodbye to unexpected traffic jams and delays. RidingMoto informs riders about traffic congestion, accidents, and road closures along their route so you can adjust your itinerary and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Weather Alerts: With RidingMoto, you will not let unpredictable weather catch you off guard. The app delivers up-to-date weather forecasts and alerts, including rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. With RidingMoto, you can prepare for your ride according to weather status and ensure a safe and adventurous ride.
  • Community Features: RidingMoto allows riders to create or join riders’ communities to share tips, routes, and experiences. Whether seeking advice on scenic routes or looking for riding buddies, the RidingMoto app has you covered.  

RidingMoto App is not just another navigation app—it’s your companion for safe, enjoyable, and informed riding. So why wait? Download RidingMoto for free it’s coming soon and embark on your next adventure with peace of mind. Stay informed, Stay Connected, and Ride On!


What are the safety precautions during weather conditions?

Riders should maintain a safe distance, use the indicators to be visible to other passersby, and follow the traffic rules. Also, wear proper riding gear in the rain, as getting wet or cold can affect your health. 

What is the importance of knowing the weather?

Knowing weather updates can transform your riding experience from worse to better. If you’re prepared, then a motorcycle ride is one of the best feelings riders can get.

How do you stay visible on a motorcycle?

According to a report, 75% of motorcycle accidents happen due to not seeing the motorcyclist. Many professional riders suggest wearing high-wavelength colored clothes and using headlights to be visible in bad weather. 

How do you control a motorcycle in traffic?

The best way to control a motorcycle in traffic is by maintaining a safe distance, staying focused, checking in all directions, using hand signals, and wearing proper riding gear. 

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