How To Plan Motorcycle Road Trip With Your Community Riders

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Here we discuss how to plan a motorcycle road Trip with the Community Rides. If you love riding, you might also believe “one bike on the road gives more happiness than 2 Lamborghini in the shed”. 

Nowadays, many people ride bikes and plan to go on a bike trip. When your veins clamor for liberation from everyday drudgery, and your mind wants speed, it means your body needs a long bike trip on the untraveled roads. I know meandering on the untraveled road surrounded by breathtaking views gives the best feel for any bike rider, but to fully enjoy your motorcycle road trip, you should prepare yourself for every situation. 

We have crafted this blog for every person who loves to go on a motorcycle road trip; whether you’re going to do this for the first time or doing it for the last time, doing it alone or with your community riders, we are sure this blog will enhance your Motorcycle road trip. 

Things you should consider before planning the Motorcycle road trip

Your motorcycle road trip starts before hitting the road, as there are several things you should consider to make it a blissful memory of your life.

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  • Prepare yourself Before a motorcycle road Trip

 The first and foremost thing for a motorcycle road trip is you, nothing else. You need to be healthy before going on a long bike trip. Visit your doctor to tell them how you feel and where you’re going for the trip so they can give you the first aid box according to conditions and suggest a precaution. If you’ve any medical condition, the trip is postponed for some time. In layman’s terms, only start your road trip if you are 100% healthy and have done your medical check-up. 

  • Prepare your bike 

After you, you need to service it because it will be the best companion for your long trip. Make your bike comfortable for you; if it requires any modification to be comfortable, get it done simultaneously. Remember, you don’t have to make yourself and your bike look cool; you need to make yourself and your bike comfortable for the trip. 

  • Invest in your riding gear

For a long road trip, you should invest in your gear as you’ll be riding on the open road and facing different weather. Before starting your Motorcycle ride, you should purchase good quality waterproof riding gloves, trousers, waterproof jackets, boots, knee guards, etc. 

  • Plan your route and stops

You should plan your route and stops in advance to know how long your trip will take, how many miles you’ll cover in one day, and whether you will be riding in the evening. Doing so will help you to prepare yourself much better. If you’re considering riding in the evening, ensure your bike, headlights, and indicators work correctly. 

  • Try to ride with friends or in a group 

Solo rides are good, but riding with friends or in a group can help you a lot and take a lot of burden off your shoulders and mind. Riding in groups provides you with a kind of safe feeling and support in unwanted situations. Also, riding in groups will help you meet like-minded people from whom you can gain valuable insights, riding tips and techniques. 

No app can predict the weather correctly, so you should be ready for every weather condition before hitting the road. Purchase yourself a raincoat or waterproof trousers and jacket. If you’re thinking of camping outside during your trip, check your tent and research the campsites in advance to set up your tent for the night. 

  • You should look over these few points before starting your long bike trip. Also, you can protect your bike with Insurance.

What should you pack for the motorcycle road trip with your community?

What should you pack for the motorcycle road trip

We have understood what you should consider before starting your bike trip; now, the question arises: what should we pack in our bags or carry for a long bike trip? Remember, don’t over-pack; pack light and as much disposable stuff as possible. 

  • A good quality helmet: You might know a famous proverb, “Health is Wealth”. According to a survey, helmets reduce 37% to 42% of deaths due to crashes. Riders should invest a lot in their helmet and purchase the best quality ones. Also, make sure your helmet fits and is comfortable for you. 
  • Food and water supply: If you and your pals plan a bike trip in a remote location, you should pack sufficient food. If you’ve estimated that your trip will last four days, then packing your five days will be a good call. Always try to carry ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat foods, as it will save you time and keep your hunger pangs at bay. 
  • GPS for your bike: Not every rider can navigate directions or find the best route. A GPS helps you to find the best route and saves you from getting lost. We also recommend you send a hard copy of your route to avoid getting lost from your destination if your GPS doesn’t work. Also, a GPS will save your phone’s battery as you don’t have to use it frequently to check directions. 
  • Carry a spare key: Yeah, you read it right. I have faced several instances when I lost or forgot my bike keys somewhere; now, I always prefer carrying a spare key whenever I go on a bike trip. A spare key can save your day if you lose the original keys. 
  • Carry all the documents: For a hassle-free bike road trip, you must carry all the essential documents, such as a driver’s license, Vehicle RC, & Insurance. Apart from this, you should have a few passport-sized photographs, a first-aid kit and information about your bike service centre. 

Why should you have the RidingMoto to plan and go on a bike trip?

  1. It offers a crash guard feature that sends an immediate notification to the provided contacts if the rider encounters an accident or crash. 
  2. Riders can share their live location with their community riders or family. This feature comes in handy to locate you in case you are lost. Also, with this feature, your family can ensure that you have safely reached the destination. 
  3. RidingMoto is an international app, and through it, riders can connect with the rider community globally and plan international bike trips. 
  4. You can monitor your community members’ total travel distance of 1 year and share the trip glimpses on your RidingMoto app’s timeline. 

Let’s not praise the tool anymore because it has several features that will complicate the blog. Instead, we recommend you use the free RidingMoto tool by yourself. Download and install the RidingMoto application coming soon.                 


Whether planning your first-ever motorcycle road trip or doing it for some time, you should always prepare for every worst scenario. Through this blog, we’ve mentioned some precautions you should take before hitting the untraveled roads. We also have mentioned a few things and a bike trip planner app, RidingMoto, which every bike ride tripper should carry to save them from falling into a horrible situation. Happy Riding!

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