RidingMoto A Road Trip Planner App: Calling All Riders to Untraveled Roads

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RidingMoto A Road Trip Planner App: Life is a journey, so enjoy it until you can ride. 

Every Rider once in a lifetime dreams of going on a trip with their best buddies, and to be honest, traveling is a necessity to survive everyday drudgery. Riding a bike is a perfect way to explore distant lands and make memories that will make you smile even in hard times. Going on a road trip on your bike can be the best decision of your life as it offers you several perks, like getting close to nature as much as possible and enjoying different cultures, cuisines, and traditional art forms.

However, there are several important things you need to be considering before making any road trip plans. Otherwise, turning the best experiences into the worst experiences will not take long. To ensure that your planned road trip will become a reason to smile in the future, we have developed RidingMoto, a road trip planner app for you and your pals. 

What is the RidingMoto App?

RidingMoto is a prominent road trip planner app used by countless rider communities around the globe. RidingMoto helps you take your motorcycle ride experience to the next level with its safety and user-centric features. With RidingMoto App, you can build an online riders’ community and plan road trips with them. The RidingMoto road trip app has been helping riders reach their dream destination with their pals in the very best possible manner. 

We have embedded the RidingMoto with advanced navigation technology and robust features to enhance your riding experience and help you tackle upcoming challenges. 

Let’s describe some of its many features so you will know how RidingMoto can be your strategic partner and can become a trip savior or sometimes a life savior for you.

What makes RidingMoto a must-have road trip planner app for every Rider?

Before planning a long road trip, every Rider should consider a few things such as the total trip distance, fuel filling stations, how many days you’ll be riding, where you will stop, and also prepare for some other unwanted scenarios. 

Feature Of the RidingMoto Road Trip Planner app 

Riding Moto App is developed by professionals and is laced with almost every feature you’ll require on a long road trip.

Know where your partner is With RidingMoto App

During a long road trip, the misleading path can become the worst experience or can put you in an unwanted scenario. With RidingMoto, you get a live location-sharing feature to share your live location with the community rider and family. Besides this, this feature comes in handy if, by mistake, you take the wrong path, as your fellow Rider can easily navigate to you and save you from being in an unwanted scenario or place

know where your partner is with location sharing feature
Riding Moto Crash Guard

RidingMoto Crash Guard: 

Safety will be the utmost priority for every Rider, especially when they are on a long road trip. Keeping the safety aspect in mind, RidingMoto has a crash guard feature, which will notify your trip partner or family member immediately if your bike crashes or you have had an accident. The notification will include the live location of the collision so the other person can find you immediately and help you out. 

RidingMoto Inbuilt Traffic and best route finder

Your road trip route makes a crucial impact on your trip experience. Picking the wrong path can put you in several hassles and make your experience worse. On the other hand, the right route can give you the best views and experiences of your life. With the Ridingmoto road trip app’s built-in GPS feature, you can pick and share the best path for your road trip and experience several astounding views, cultures, and traditional arts. 

Riding Moto Inbuilt Traffic and best route finder, Motorcycle Ride
Get customized maps In RidingMoto App

Connect with your Rider’s community through RidingMoto

The RidingMoto road trip planner app allows the riders to share their experience with their community. You can share your images, stories, and videos and provide glimpses of the breathtaking views you have experienced within your community so they can go out to the same place or join you on your next road trip. Apart from sharing, you can also comment or like other riders’ stories and riding experiences they have shared on the platform. 

Inbuilt Spotify In RidingMoto App

 We all know what Spotify is, and if you’re a frequent rider, Spotify will be your traveling partner. Music can help you in many ways, especially when you travel a lot or travel alone. With our road trip planner app, In RidingMoto App, you get an inbuilt Spotify option and stream any music you like during the road trip. 

Inbuilt music Feature in RidingMoto App

Motorcycle Ride with your community friends

With the RidingMoto road trip planner app, you can plan your rides and share them within your RidingMoto community, so anyone interested in the same trip or who has planned the same trip can join you. Apart from sharing a trip plan, the app has a scorecard option that will track every mile you and your friends have traveled and will create a scorecard for you to know who has traveled the most within the week, month, and all-time.  

So these are some of the many life-savior or trip-savior features that our road trip planner app, RidingMoto, offers. With our app, you can plan and customize your road trip to get the best experience of nature and adventure. Along with the RidingMoto app, there are a few things that you need to consider before packing your bags for the road trip.

Preparing For Your Road Trip With RidingMoto App

With the Ridingmoto road trip Planner app, you don’t have to worry about road crashes, sharing live locations and experiences, and finding the best routes. However, it would help if you looked over several other vital things during the road trip planning. 

Where will you stay?

For every Rider, or you can say human being, good sleep is important, and only a good place and a happy mind can give you good sleep. Before packing your bags for the road trip, ensure you know where you will be at your next stop and where you will spend your nights, whether it’s a hotel room camping site or a breathtaking location; you should know before starting the road trip. We suggest you avoid setting your night camp in cemeteries; too close to a river or any other place gives you animosity. 

What you should pack

Once you know how long your planned road trip will last, how you spend your nights, and what your destination location is, you should pack your bags accordingly. For example, if you have planned a road trip to a remote location, you should carry your food supply, water supply, all camps, electricity equipment, sleeping bags, first-aid box, and other required things. 

Prepare your bike

The most important thing to decide whether your road trip is successful is your bike. Before getting lost on the road trip, check your bike. Is it working fine, or does it need any repair? Is its engine working, or does your bike have all the equipment you’ll need on the road trip? Make sure you have a phone mount that is flexible and secure and that your mobile is fully charged. 

Tips and tricks for a successful road trip

Nothing can be worse than an unprepared road trip, especially when you’re alone or visiting a remote location. You should always be prepared for any situation. Below are a few tips that can save you from an unwanted situation

    • Being wet and cold can become hectic, so always keep your camping gear and luggage dry. 
    • Always keep your food and water supply sufficient, especially in remote locations. 
    • Keep a sufficient electric supply with you that can charge your electric equipment. 
    • Save your road trip routes and map offline, as you may face network issues in some areas.
    • Use a road trip planner app like Ridingmoto to share your live location and navigate the best route. 
    • Last but not least, check your motorcycle and, if it has any issues, fix them simultaneously. 


Road trips are a great way to survive everyday drudgery and make memories. However, sometimes unplanned road trips can give you the worst life experience. Our road trip planner app, RidingMoto, can save you from unwanted scenarios and offers many life-saving features. We have several wanderers around the globe who are using the app and visiting breathtaking and astounding places. Apart from our road trip app, there are several other gadgets and tricks that you should know to make your motorcycle ride a long-lasting experience.  Download RidingMoto App For Free 

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