Personalize Your Ride: Customizing Your Experience with the RidingMoto App

Motorcycles are not just a mode of transport; it’s an emotion for some people, and they are called motorcyclists. In the last few years, I have seen many motorcyclists who have made their motorcycles their new homes and have been wandering like a nomad for over a year. Many of my fellow riders have been touring countries on their motorcycles, and they are living the life they have dreamed of; I have dreamed of living my life like this.

Touring the world or country on a motorcycle is a dream for many riders. However, it is not as easy as it sounds; riders must preplan and personalize their rides according to the routes to complete the long trip without any hassle. 

Personalize Your Ride: If you also want to ride the world on two wheels or want to have a long bike trip, then you’re at the right blog. In this detailed write-up, we will provide you with all the information you need to personalize your ride on a motorcycle. 

How To Personalize Your Ride?

Personalizing a ride doesn’t only mean planning stops and booking hotels for a night stay; it includes making your bike long ride comfortable and carrying every possible essential to turn your dream motorcycle life into a reality. 

Preplanned Your Route

Nothing can be worse than an unplanned motorcycle trip, as several hazards and unwanted scenarios can appear on a long motorcycle trip. Also, when you preplan your route, you can choose the scenic viewpoints and plan how long your travel will be on a day. Where will you stay? Will it be in motels, on the campsite, or at any random location?

The Off-To-Beat Path Stops

Long Motorcycle rides should be fun and a memory to remember for ages, so don’t just make it another ride; make every ride something special. The off-to-beat path stops give the best memories; always seek these points or ask locals. These unexpected off-to-beat stop points give different vibes and moments that last a lifetime. I constantly research these points or ask locals when I go on a motorcycle trip. Locals can tell you a way to heaven if there is any, so don’t be shy to ask locals about stops and local cuisines to try. 

Make Your Motorcycle Comfortable

Your Motorcycle will be your companion on a long ride, and it’s none other than your responsibility to make it comfortable for yourself. Many riders have asked me if it is okay to modify their Motorcycle. Yes, and why not? What should be wrong is making your bike comfortable for yourself and giving it a look according to yourself; we all dress up our children, so why not our Motorcycle? By modification I am not saying make your Motorcycle a jumping motorcycle; modification means making it comfortable for yourself so you can ride on it longer. Change your seat if it is uncomfortable, add extra lights if you love riding at night, put some essentials to store or keep extra bags, etc. 

Carry Tents And Other Essentials

Most riders make mistakes as they think they will stay in motels, hotels, or Airbnb and don’t carry an outdoor tent; I am not saying you shouldn’t stay in motels. For the last 13 years of living on the wheels, there have been several chances when I have regretted not carrying a tent. Whenever I come across a beautiful sight, I always wish to spend a night there, but in the initial days, I never carried a tent and have missed breathtaking camping sites where I can enjoy the open sky above my head. Apart from the tents, you should also take spare parts and toolkits to repair your Motorcycle if it breaks down. 

Safety first

Safety should be prioritized for every rider, especially when riding solo. Roads are the home of hazard and riders should keep their eyes and ears open to ensure safety. Also, several hand signals on motorcycles can help you to ensure your safety. For a better understanding, you can also check our blog on ensuring safety on a long motorcycle trip

Customizing Your Experience With Our RidingMoto App And Join Riders’ Community

RidingMoto is renowned for its technology and rider-centric features. It is a road trip planner app for motorcyclists that enables them to connect with the riders’ community worldwide to plan and execute their trips. 

The app is specially coded for riders and has almost every feature required to enhance the riding experience. Some of its many features are as follows: 

  • Join riders’ community worldwide: Finding a fellow rider for a long motorcycle trip is hectic, but RidingMoto allows you to connect with riders worldwide. The app lets you easily plan a trip to any country by connecting with the local riders or a community. The RidingMoto app works smoothly all around the globe. Also, you can create your bike riders community.  
  • Plan and save rides: Once you connect with the rider’s community or build your community, you can easily plan a motorcycle with them. Riders can also save the ride within the community group and ask riders to join the ride and explore the world on two wheels together. 
  • Create challenges and rewards: Engaging with the community riders is essential to gaining trust and strengthening the bond. RidingMoto enables the riders to create challenges and share them in the community so other riders can complete them. Also, you can create rewards so the riders will show more interest in the challenges and take them seriously. 
  • Find new routes and download offline: Navigating the correct route is crucial to making your ride a memorable experience. Traveling 500 miles means nothing if you don’t pick the best route. RidingMoto app uses the latest technology to find the route and offers motorcycle riders the most beautiful and safe route. Also, you can save the route map offline, so if you get into a remote location where no network is available, you will not face any navigation issues. 
  • Share live location: Being a rider for over a decade I have felt lost several times on a motorcycle trip. RidingMoto tackles this scenario by providing a live location tracking feature that allows community riders to share their location between them so anyone who gets behind or lost can be tracked immediately and without any hassle. Getting lost can become a nightmare for riders, especially in remote or forest areas. 
  • Crash Guard: One of the most required features for riders, especially on the long motorcycle trip. The crash guard feature allows the app to notify the rider’s partner or family if the rider has an accident. Roads are the home of unexpected hazards, and this feature has saved me many times from getting stuck in unwanted and terrifying situations.
  • Host an event: RidingMoto is specially coded for riders who love to connect with like-minded riders and go on a long motorcycle trip. The app allows riders to build a community or join one. Also, you can host a charity ride if you’ve registered your riders’ community. The app will ease the charity ride hassle and play a handy role in making it successful. 


Whether you’re a weekend rider or a motorhead who loves taking their motorcycles to long tours, we have provided a treasure trove to make your ride personalized. So rev up your bikes, pack your bags, and unleash the creativity to make your Motorcycle the dream of motorheads. As stated above, the Motorcycle is not just a way of transportation; it reflects your personality and shows who you are. Make necessary modifications to your Motorcycle to make it comfortable for long rides and untraveled roads. Ensure your comfort by modifying your Motorcycle, and RidingMoto will ensure your safety. 


Should I customize the Motorcycle?

It isn’t necessary to customize your Motorcycle, but yes, you can customize it to look attractive or show your personality. Also, if you love long motorcycle trips, you can add extra utilities to make your bike comfortable and reliable for long trips. 

Will I get a ticket for a modified Motorcycle?

It depends on the modification you will do in your Motorcycle. In layperson’s terms, if the customization is not affecting your safety and motorcycle performance, you will not get any ticket. 

Why should I customize my Motorcycle?

Most riders customize their bikes to express their style and preference. Some people love vintage looks, some like modern ones, and customizing your bikes allows you to look at them according to your preference.

How much is it to customize a Motorcycle?

The cost to customize/modify a bike depends on various factors, like what type of motorcycle you want to customize, what customization you want to do, where you customize your bike, and so on. 

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