Safety First For Motorcycle Rider: The Importance of Our RidingMoto App in Ensuring Rider Security

Motorcycle riders love taking their bikes on long bike rides, and why not? It’s best to forget everyday drudgery and experience the thrill, excitement, speed, and nature. However, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Motorcycle Rider By RidingMoto has a 28 times higher chance of dying in a road crash than car drivers. With stats like these, riders must ensure their safety before heading for a long bike trip. 

Being a rider, I know the rush of adrenaline that comes out when driving on an empty highway with beautiful scenery is incomparable. But for the best experience, riders must be prepared for any situation. In the write-up, we’ll delve into the tips every Motorcycle rider should follow to ensure a safe, long motorcycle trip. 

Long Trip Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle in your locality and taking your motorcycle on a long trip are different things. There are several different scenarios and unknown facts that you might face on a long motorcycle trip. To ensure a safe and hassle-free motorcycle trip, you must follow the below-given tips: 

Wear proper riding gear while riding a motorcycle

Safety should always be a priority for Motorcycle Riders, and the way for this is to invest in good quality riding gear like helmets, gloves, boots, jackets, etc. When going on a long motorcycle trip, you should not dress up to look good; you should dress up to be safe if any bad things like a crash or accident happen. Before heading to the road, ensure your riding gear is comfortable and steady enough to last for the entire trip. 

Get your motorcycle trip ready

Your motorcycle will be your strategic partner for the entire trip, so you should ensure all its components are working fine. I always follow the T-CLOCK (Tyres, control, lights, oil/fluid, clutch, and kickstand) checklist before going on a motorcycle trip. Also, if necessary, you should send your motorcycle to a service station and ask them to check all the components and make repairs if needed. 

Plan your route wisely

Picking up the wrong path is the worst thing a rider can do for the entire trip. Plan your route and confirm all the possible hazards and blocks before you hit the road. Riders should also preplan their stops so their body will rest properly and restore the energy to continue the trip. A preplanned motorcycle trip can save your ride from being hectic to smooth and hassle-free. 

Please do not drink and drive while riding a motorcycle

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a weekend ride or a long motorcycle trip; riders should never drink and ride. Motorcycle rides should be fun, but drinking and driving can make it the worst experience. Life on the wheel is fun, but roads are the home of the worst accidents, and mixing drink and drive will make it worse. It would help if you only drank when you were in your motel or inside the tent, and you would not ride again for that day. 

Carry spare parts with you

A broken motorcycle can become the biggest liability and headache for you, especially in a remote location where no mechanic is available. Spare parts and toolkits can save you from getting stuck in wild forests or remote locations with broken bikes. Riders should be prepared for any scenario and always keep spare parts and toolkits on a motorcycle trip. Below is the list of spare parts you should always carry with you. 

  • Foot pump
  • Tubes for the tires
  • Accelerator cable
  • Clutch cable
  • Tyre road
  • Headlamps

Motorcycle riders have To obey traffic signals and rider signs While riding motorcycle

Traffic signals ensure the rider’s and passerby’s safety and every rider should obey the traffic rules. You should do overspeeding and always maintain sufficient gaps with other vehicles so incase if they pull the brakes suddenly, and you will get enough time to slow down your motorcycle and avoid a fatal crash. Along with the traffic rules, Motorcycle riders should be aware of the hand signals on motorcycles to communicate with the passersby and avoid accidents.  

Be prepared for all types of weather

Of course, technology has grown at a breakneck pace, but still, we’ve not reached the pinnacle. Weather is one of the most unpredictable things, and being a Motorcycle rider getting cold and wet is the one thing you want to avoid. When on a motorcycle road trip, riders should be prepared for any weather, windy, snowy, or rainy; even if the weather apps are showing a clear sky, you should prepare yourself for every weather; as we say, precaution is better than cure. 

Take frequent brakes

Indeed, you cannot complete the entire motorcycle trip without having any rest it doesn’t make any sense. Both riders and motorcycles need regular breaks to enjoy the trip and experience nature. Also, Riding a Motorcycle for hours is tiring and can impact the focus level; frequent brakes are an excellent option for rest and refreshment while your motorcycle cools down its engine and gets ready for the next miles. 

These are the few precautions you should take to ensure safety on a long motorcycle trip. Along with these precautions, I recommend installing the RidingMoto application on your mobile phone; several professional riders and trip planners recommend this app. 

The app offers several safety features for riders to ensure their safety and provide the medication to them quickly. 

How RidingMoto can ensure your safety while on a long motorcycle trip

crash alert, riding motorcycle

RidingMoto is an international bike trip planner and community app specially developed for riders who love taking their motorcycle on a long journey. 

The app is embedded with several rider-oriented features that ensure riders’ safety and prevent them from getting trapped in unwanted and scary scenarios. Below are a few points on how RidingMoto will ensure your safety on a trip. 

RidingMoto comes with a crash guard feature that lets the app notify the rider’s family and friends if the Motorcycle Rider has an accident or crash. This feature ensures that the riders can located and provided with first-aid medication as soon as possible. 

Also, riders can share their live location with anyone anywhere in the world, so if they get lost or face any issue, their partners will locate them. This feature also eliminates the chances of getting separated from their riding motorcycle crew as they can track them through the live location. 

The app is laced with the latest technology and offers the best and safest route for the bike trip. With its precise location navigation option, several riders and professional motorcyclist travelers praise the app and keep it in high regard. 

You can install the free application to understand better and evaluate the app. 


Once, Hitesh said, “If there is a life, there will be a next motorcycle road trip.” Riders should take their safety as a priority on a long motorcycle trip. By following the safety tips mentioned above, we are sure we will see you on some untraveled road with a heavy smile on your face. Also, RidingMoto is an excellent app for motorcycle riders to ensure their safety. Riders must install the app; it will not cost you even a single penny. At last, keep riding a motorcycle, be safe, and be happy. 


How can you be safe while riding a motorcycle?

Rider’s safety will be on their hand, and to keep themselves safe on long motorcycle rides, riders must wear high-quality riding gear and ride at minimal speed.

How do you travel long distances on a motorcycle?

The best tip I can give for safe and comfortable long bike trips is for Motorcycle riders to take frequent breaks to refresh themselves. They should also make necessary modifications to their motorcycles to make them comfortable for long trips. 

What is the primary cause of motorcycle crashes?

According to a hurt report published by the U.S. Transportation Department of Transportation, 75% of motorcycle accidents happen due to the motorist not seeing the motorcycle.

I am not from the USA. Can I use the Riding Moto app?

 Yes, the RidingMoto app will be available in every country, and it doesn’t matter which country you’re riding your motorcycle in; RidingMoto will work without any glitches and with all the features. 

How can I reduce my chances of getting injured during a motorcycle crash?

The best to reduce injury chances during a crash is to wear riding gear of good quality, maintain a minimal speed, and be alert when riding a motorcycle. 

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