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Nobody knows how many total bikes there are in the world, but according to a report, there are around 1 billion bikes. Also, the report shows that one bike gets sold almost every 2 seconds, showing how popular bikes are among people. Among these high numbers, some wanderers prefer to pack their bags and ride their bikes to the untraveled roads or remote locations. However, planning a bike trip is not as easy as it sounds; it sounds as if they can find several pain points during their bike trip. 

In today’s blog, we’ll address the Pain Points of a Rider in Motorcycle riders’ communities & know the best solutions or painkillers to resolve By RidingMoto

Pain Points of the Bike Rider, Riding Moto

Pain Points of a Rider in Motorcycle riders’ communities

Nowadays, people prefer bike rides when planning a trip as they offer a view of nature and enjoy different cuisines, cultures, and art forms as closely as possible. closelyg bike ride is the most effective way to survive the everyday hassle and struggle. However, to witness the astounding beauty of nature, bike riders sometimes had to pay a large amount. Below are some pain points bikers face on a long bike trip. 

1. Proper Navigation

First and foremost is the lack of navigation, and we all know if we take the wrong path, we will be in big trouble. Google Maps can help you stay on the right road, but it only works if you’re connected to the internet. But what if you are at a remote location where you don’t have access to the internet? 

2. Crashes and accidents

According to a report by Forbes, bike riders are 28 times more likely to die in an accident as compared to a car or a heavy vehicle. No rider wants to meet an accident or crash, especially on a long trip or in a remote location where nobody knows him. Meeting an accident is the worst scenario for any bike trip planner as their parents or community never know what happens to the rider. 

3. Bike trip accessories

 Unprepared bike trips are the worst thing you can do in your life. Going on a trip with proper bike trip accessories is like walking on eggshells as a little mistake, and your loved ones might never see you again. Hence, if you are planning a road trip, you must be prepared for every unwanted scenario and keep every required accessory with you.

4. Changing weather 

Weather is crucial in making your bike trip experience the best or worst. And we all know no app or scientist can predict the weather accurately. You should always be prepared for every weather when planning a long bike trip, especially when planning a bike trip to Russia, Qatar, and the USA, as these countries have the most climate diversity

5. Can’t find a partner for the bike trip

Finding a partner for a bike trip is not a big task, but if you want to go to another country, then it is. When planning an international bike trip, many riders need help finding a partner because there can be different rules and regulations in different countries. The best option for an international bike trip is connecting with a local community that knows the rules and paths of that particular country. 

Crashes and accidents detaction riding moto

6. Some pain points of the ride while Riding A Motorcycle

 Besides, several other things can put you in an unwanted situation. Now, you might be thinking about how you can resolve these pain points and make your long bike trip an enhanced experience. 

 Don’t worry. Considering all these pain points, our team developed a road trip planner app named RidingMoto. The app is specially coded for the bikers who love taking their bike on international trips and offers almost every required feature to the riders so they can enjoy their trip instead of worrying about these pain points. 

7. How can RidingMoto help you to make your Motorcycle road trip

As stated above, RidingMoto is a road trip planner app where riders can create or join the community or make new rider friends to plan a trip. It is an international app and is used in 100+ countries. With the help of this app, you can join the local riders community where you plan to go for a trip, which you know will help you differently, from understanding routes and signs to driving laws.

pain points bike riders, motorcycle road Trip

Some of RidingMoto App features are as follows

RidingMoto App features

1. Share live location With RidingMoto

With the help of RidingMoto, riders can share their live location with anyone, including family, friends, and community. This feature ensures that if a group of riders on the trip, they will know where are their other partners have stopped, which routes they have taken, and how far they are from you. This feature also reduces the risk of losing contact or picking the wrong trip. 

2. Crash notification By RidingMoto App

 As the name defines, this feature sends a live location to the added contacts in case you encounter an accident or crash. This feature is a life saviour as it can do this job. When you meet an incident, the app will automatically notify your partner so they can locate you as soon as possible. 

3. Create or join a road trip

Now, with RidingMoto, finding a partner for an international trip is as easy as ever. RidingMoto enables the riders to create a bike or join an already planned trip with other riders. You can join the community within the app and plan your dream bike trip with them worldwide. You can also plan and save rides in the calendar and ask your community members to join for the trip. 

4. Riders Timeline

 We have provided timeline features for the riders where they can share their previous trip experiences with their community and rider friends. Apart from sharing, you can explore other riders’ photos and videos, enjoy their ride glimpses, and plan a bike trip to the same destination. 

5. Scorecard of the community riders Of RidingMoto

It is a fun feature where you can see how many kilometres your community friends have travelled in the past week, month, or year. The app records every mile you drove your bike and will show it in the scorecard. 

Mastering the art of turning is hard on a motorcycle as most riders think twisting the handler is all they need to turn the bike, but that’s not true. Riders also need to turn their body weight to get a smooth turn.

Roads are the home of hazards, and several incidents can take place on the roads, for example: 

  •  Oncoming traffic
  •  Drivers sing mobile phone
  •  Potholes
  •  Over speed rider
  •  Panic Stops

Riding a motorcycle is not hard on the body, but planning a long trip can be tricky. Dirt bike riding can be hard on the body as riders need to put in a lot of effort. 

 The leading cause of crashes and motorcycle accidents is drivers not seeing the rider or riding on the wrong side. According to a report, 70% of the accidents happened due to not seeing the rider. 

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