4 Better Route Planner Apps for Motorcycle Riders – 2024 Guide

Being a rider for over 16 years, I’ve been asked several times about the best route finder for motorcycle trips and which one I use. In this write-up, I will review four better route planner app. I’ve used for long trips and commutes over time. 

I’ll describe all these apps in detail, including their pros and cons. At the end of the blog, suggest other apps you think I should use and review. Also, if you find any of these apps’ features handy, let us know. 

Note: Before we start the blog, let me clarify one thing: the fourth app, RidingMoto, is currently in beta version, and I’ve been using it for the last few months; I have become a fan of this app. 

Motorcycle Route Planner App for Motorcycle Trips

I have described the apps in sequence as I used them as I started with Harley Davidson; it is the first app that I used as a better route planner, and the list continues, and so on. I am not promoting any of these apps, but I am speaking as a regular user and sharing my experience so you can also find a better route planner app for your next motorcycle trips. 

Note: These apps are the best for plotting a route for motorcycle trips and riders.

1. Harley Davidson Ride Planner

As you can see from the name, the app was developed by Harley-Davidson, a renowned name among motorcycle enthusiasts. Harley also offers an app for riders to plan or find motorcycle rides. 

Harley Davidson Ride Planner app offers four different map styles for riders to enhance their riding experience and plot a route effectively. The app has been in the market for a long time and has come a long way. 

Recently, the app has been updated with features such as Gas Stations, Dealerships, restaurants, points of interest, hotels, etc., making it a better route planner app. 

Also, Harley offers an Android and iOS app for users that offers additional features: 

  • Riders get turn-by-turn navigation to their destination.
  •  The app allows to record a ride, and riders can check the weather update before planning a trip.
  • You can plot a route and download the map to navigate offline in remote areas. 

The only thing I feel the Harley Davidson Ride Planner app lacks is its lack of safety features, such as live location sharing, crash guard, etc. Also, the app doesn’t have a 3D map option, which I find necessary to see the terrain for your off-road motorcycle trip. 

2. InRoute : Plot a route

It is another better route planner app. InRoute is a unique app that is only available to iOS and Mac users. The app has been in the market for a while, and I have not found any glitches. 

In contrast to Harley Davidson and other apps, the InRoute app doesn’t drag your routes around. Instead, riders have to pinpoint the destination they want to ride, and the app will create a customized route for you, covering all the pinpoints. There are several customization options in the InRoute app, which make it a better motorcycle route planner app. 

InRoute has a layover feature that enables riders to set a specific period to stay at a place, such as a restaurant, hotel, or any point of interest. This feature ensures that riders get an accurate ETA. 

However, as we say, every coin has two sides, and InRoute is not an exception; it also lacks some features that I think riders do need for a long trip, including,

  • It has no Android version; hence, you can only use the app if you use an iPhone or Mac.
  • The InRoute app doesn’t have any security features, for example, crash guard, live location sharing, etc., which play a crucial role if any rider gets lost or has an accident.
  • Riders must purchase a premium subscription to enable most InRoute features: $4.99 for InRoute Pro and $6.99 for InRoute Pro for families. 

3. Rever Route finder

Rever is not just a better route planner app; it is a motorcyclist’s Facebook that allows one to plan routes and connect with Riders worldwide. The River has been in the market for the last few years, and it is my 2nd favorite app to plot a route and route finder app. 

Rever is available for both Apple and iOS users, and it is easy to plan a ride and navigate through the app. It was launched back in 2015. However, some users on Reddit have posted that it has a few bugs but still works. Some of Rever’s advantages and disadvantages of the Rever are as follows.


  • Laced with almost every feature a rider requires when planning or on a long motorcycle trip.
  • You can track info related to your ride on the Rever dashboard.
  • As mentioned above, the app is the Facebook of riders and allows riders to share their ride’s photos, videos, routes, stories, and points of interest with their fellow riders on Rever.
  • It allows riders to download their route map offline and access them even in remote areas for hassle-free navigation. 


  • Several users have reported that the River has a few bugs that impact the user experience.
  • It is one of the most expensive route-finder apps available; it costs $40 per year.
  • Rever also lacks safety features like a crash guard and live location sharing. 
Motorcycle Route Planner, RidingMoto a Better Route Planner

4. RidingMoto: A Better Route Planner App

Riding is one of the latest router finder apps for Motorcycle riders, like Rever, RidingMoto is a social platform for riders. However, RidingMoto provides a few additional features to riders compared to Rever. 

RidingMoto has been in the market since 2022, and I have been using it to plot a route for the last two years. I can proudly say it is a complete and one-stop solution for plotting a route or route finder app. Let me take you through some of its features so you’ll know why I praise the tool this much and what makes it a better motorcycle route planner app.

  • You can plan a cross-country in the RidingMoto as the app is available worldwide and works without glitches.
  • Riders can share their live location with their family and friends so they can track them until they reach their destination safely.
  • RidingMoto has a crash guard feature that notifies riders’ friends and family members or added contacts if they have an accident. (It is one of my favorite life-saving features, but it is not available in most of the apps.
  • The app has inbuilt Spotify, weather update, and traffic update features, which effectively enhance the riding experience.

Okay, let’s stop praising this Motorcycle route planner app. To learn all its features, visit RidingMoto’s website

In this modern technology world, several apps can be used to plan motorcycle rides. However, the problem is that these are separate apps, and switching between them can be hectic. Fortunately, RidingMoto is a one-stop solution for all riders as it offers almost every feature riders need, making it the best motorcycle route planner app.

Only a few apps allow riders to connect with fellow riders, and RidingMoto is one of them. Several professional riders consider it the best app for meeting motorcycle riders and planning rides.  

RidingMoto is considered one of the most advanced solutions for motorcycle trip planning. The app has several advanced features that ensure riders’ safety and take the riding experience to the next level. 

You’ll find several apps for motorcycle riders, but no one can come close to RidingMoto regarding safety. The app offers a Crash Guard feature that notifies emergency contacts if you have an accident. Also, you can share your live location with your family so they can track you until you reach your destination safely. 

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