16 Hand Signals For Motorcycle to Keep Your Riders Community in Loop

Here we discuss the hand signals for motorcycle that are used by riders in riding Community Riding a motorcycle is one of the best things to do, especially with your gang, but to make the journey safe, every motorcyclist should be aware of the Bike Rider hand signals For a motorcycle. Hand signals are an effective way to communicate with fellow riders or passersby and can prevent several hazards. 

Having been a rider for over a decade, I know hand signals are the second best after riding a bike. Every bike enthusiast can learn. There are 16 hand signals for motorcycles, which every Riding Community rider should be aware of. Don’t worry; if you don’t know all the signals, we are here, and we’ll tell you the entire 16 Bike Rider hand signals so you can share the road safely with the passerby or make an indication to your communication riders.  

16 Hand Signals For Motorcycle Riders You Must Know in The Riding Community

Before we dive into the hand signals for motorcycles, let me tell you some wise words. If you are riding your bike, you must indicate the entire signal using your left hand, and your right hand should be on the handlebar. 

Left Turn, Right Turn, Speed Up And Slow Down: Hand Signals For Motorcycle Riders

Left Turn, Right Turn, Speed Up And Slow Down
  • Left Turn: To indicate that you are taking a left open, your left arm straight with your palm facing down. After showing the hand gesture, you should not take the turn immediately; wait for the rider or vehicle behind you to slow down and then take the turn safely. 
  • Right Turn: Extend your left arm and make a 90-degree angle with your fist to indicate the right turn. Again, watch for the fellow rider and give them a few seconds to slow down before taking the turn. As stated above, use the left hand even if you’re taking a right turn and keep your right hand on the handlebar. 
  • Speed up: Make a gesture upward with your left hand. This hand signal on a motorcycle means you want your fellow riders to speed up. Also, if you see this gesture from a random passer, it doesn’t mean he is asking you to speed up; he is just asking his pals to speed up, and you just ignore it. 
  • Slow down: Spread your left arm and gesture downwards. Like speed-up, you will be asking your fellow riders to slow down, and if you see the gesture from random bikers, he will ask his pals to slow down.  

Cops Ahead, turn Signal On, Follow Me, Road Hazard: Hand Signals For Motorcycle Riders

Cops Ahead, turn Signal On, Follow Me, Road Hazard
  • Cops ahead: This is the Bike Rider hand signals To inform your fellow riders about the cops or other legal departments ahead, tap your helmet’s top with your left arm. Using this gesture, you can alert your fellow riders about traffic police, cops, or other superior authorities. 
  • Turn the signal on To indicate to the passerby or fellow rider that their turn signal is on, spread your left hand and open and close your palm simultaneously. Forgetting to turn single can sometimes happen; if you notice any rider with it, signal him the gesture. 
  • Follow Me: When riders are on group rides, they follow a leader for the navigation. Extend your left arm straight up with an open palm; you are asking other riders to follow you, and you’ll guide them. 
  • Road Hazard: Every road does have potholes or hazards. To indicate the road hazard to your fellow rider, mean the pothole or hazard with your left arm. This hand signal for motorcycle riders can save riders from a crash or any unwanted situation.

Fuel, Stop, Comfort Stop, Refreshment Stop: Hand Signals For Motorcycle Riders

Fuel Stop Comfort Stop Refreshment Stop
  •  Fuel: If your motorcycle needs to refill the fuel, spread your left hand and indicate towards your bike’s fuel tank with the index finger. Whenever you need to supply your fuel tank, gesture it to your partner; otherwise, they will be miles down before you fill up your motorcycle with fuel. This is one of the important Bike Rider hand signals.
  • Stop: Before stopping the bike, you can turn on your indicator lights so that fellow riders or passersby can understand that you want to stop. You can also indicate it by extending your left arm and bending down it to 90 degrees, then slowing down your bike speed slowly before a complete stop. Before your motorcycle completely stops, there is plenty of space between the vehicle behind you. 
  • Comfort Stop: This hand sign is used on long trips as riders may get tired and want to take a comfort break to restore energy. Spread your right hand straight and move your fist up and down concurrently. 
  • Refreshment Stop: This hand sign on a motorcycle is also used during a long bike trip as the rider may need a refreshment break to have snacks or anything. Raise your left hand indicate towards your mouth with the thumbs up. 

Ride on a single line Two Line and photo Opportunity Hand Signals For Motorcycle Riders

Ride on a single line and two line
  • Ride on a single line: Raise your left arm and show your index finger in the air. Before getting into a single line, slow down your motorcycle speed, look for a rider behind or ahead of you, and give them enough time to go in a single line. 
  • Ride on two lines: Same as single line sign but show two finders and give time to the fellow riders to align in the two lines. 
  • Photo opportunity: When passing by beautiful scenery or any particular thing and want to take a photo during a bike ride, raise your right and make a clicking or camera gesture using your fingers. 
The Biker Wave

The biker Wave, What the hell were You Thinking: Hand Signals For Motorcycle Riders

  • The Biker Wave: You’ll probably know this sign if you are an old-school rider. This one is also my favorite gesture and is used to appreciate follow rider or as a respect. Make a 45-degree angle and make a victory sign with your fingers. 
  • What the hell were you thinking signal: Most riders don’t know about this sign as it is not used frequently. Only use this sign if a fellow rider or passerby has done something silly, fold your arm from the elbow and show your middle finger. Don’t make this gesture to a cop or rider bigger than you; otherwise, he will surely tell you what he was thinking. 

These hand signs on motorcycles these Bike Rider hand signals will help you communicate with fellow riders and understand what others want to say. If you do not understand the signs while driving, give the passerby or riders some space and ride safely on your side of the road. 

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In this blog, we have learned the hand signs on motorcycle riding; for newbies, these hand signs may seem a little confusing, but as we say, practice makes men perfect, so you will also get comfortable with these signs with time. These hand signs will help you in several ways and also come in handy to ensure you and your fellow riders’ safety. Along with these signs, you should also wear proper motorcycle riding gear and ride safely and with focus. We’ll catch you soon. Until then, plan, pack, ride safely, and explore the untraveled roads. 


How do bike riders signal? 

The safest way to signal on a motorcycle is to use only your left hand and keep your right hand on the handlebar. 

How do bikers say hello or Thank you?   

When bikers fold their hand from the ankle and make a victory sign with their fingers, it means he is saying hello, thank you, or giving you respect. 

Why do bikers tap on their head?

Tapping the helmet while riding indicates that there are cops or other legal entity offices. This signal is also known as the cop tap. 

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