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Build Riders Community: Riding a motorcycle gives a thrill, excitement, speed, and adrenaline rush, which no other activity can give to a rider. Some riders love solo rides, but in my long 13 years of riding experience, riding with your pals is a different vibe; it offers camaraderie when you hear and see your friends on a motorcycle tour with you. 

When I started motorcycle riding, I dreamed of building a rider’s community and going for a long motorcycle ride with them. You are at the right blog if you also dream of a ride with like-minded riders and want to explore the world on a motorcycle. 

In this write-up, I will tell you how you can build a gang of riders to explore the world on two wheels. 

How to build rider community for Motorcycle riders?

Before you start looking for like-minded riders, you should be prepared for the responsibilities of the motorcycle ride group. Riding with the community is all about planning and trusting fellow riders; nobody wants to be stuck in an unknown place with people they don’t count.

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Okay, let’s not waste your time and dive into how you can build a rider group to cross the world on two wheels. 

There are two different types of rider’s community; one is a riding club, and another one is a motorcycle club. 

Riding clubs are called those with several riders (anyone can be a member) who love riding to new places. On the other hand, motorcycle groups are groups of 3-4 guys or friends who share a bond like family. It depends on you which type of rider group you want to establish. 

In this write-up, we assume you want to create a rider community to explore the world together. So, how will you get things started? 

  1. What is your group all about? First, you should clarify what your rider group will be like. It can be a group of riders who drive a specific bike brand or from a particular location. Also, check if there is a similar group in your locality if so, ask yourself how you can make your riders group different. 
  2.  Your group’s branding: Branding will make your community different from other riding groups. Create your logo, slogan, and name; make sure you set everything catchy and something that will attract other riders to join your community. 
  3.  File your paperwork: Once you’re done creating a community and riders show interest in joining your community, you should register it as a non-profit organization. This will give you non-profit organization benefits, like insurance to your rider’s community, and you can host charity rides. 

This is the simple yet basic process to establish a rider group. Creating a rider group is not an Everest climbing task, but making it a prominent group is what many riders lack. 

If you have been riding a few times and are interested in joining a community, you might have heard about Hells Angels (aka Black & White, HAMC, and 81). It is one of the biggest rider groups in the United States and Canada; many riders dream of joining the Hells Angels or creating a rider community like Hell Angels. However, it’s not that easy because finding or meeting a like-minded is like finding a path in a maze, tough but possible. 

RidingMoto App to Build Riders Community

RidingMoto is an international community Motorcycle trip planner app that lets riders create or join the wider global community. The app makes building and joining riders’ communities easy as pie, as riders from anywhere can join your community with just a single click. 

Along with the rider’s community feature, the app is laced with several rider-centric features that ensure the safety of the riders. 

How can RidingMoto help you to build riders community and grow stronger?

As stated above, it is an international app used by several professional riders and community riders. Everyone praises the app due to its safety and community rider features. Some of its community riders’ features are as follows:

Motorcycle trip planner app, RidingMoto, build riders' community
  • Reach riders worldwide: RidingMoto helps your community reach global bike enthusiasts and grow your community. With the global audience, the chances to meet like-minded riders increase, and you can trip internationally with your community; that’s what every rider wants once in a lifetime. 
  • Add and follow riders: RidingMoto is an open platform where riders can add and follow riders into their profile and connect with them. You can connect or add riders and share your posts, images, and videos of previous trips with them. It’s Kind of a social platform for riders. 
  • Plan and save rides in the calendar: Being a road trip planner app, RidingMoto allows riders to plan a motorcycle trip and save it to the built-in calendar so every community rider can see and join on the specific road trip. Group rides need pre-planning, and that’s what Ridingmoto’s feature ensures. 
  • Create challenges and give rewards: Keeping your community riders engaged is key to strengthening your community and developing camaraderie between them. With the RidingMoto app, you can create challenges for riders, and when they complete them, you can give them any reward, for example, riding gear, a helmet, or a free trip. 
  • Host an event: Riders’ communities are always praised for their excellent work and kind hearts. Many rider’s communities on RidingMoto host charity rides and events to help NGOs and other non-profit organizations. With RidingMoto, you can also plan and host a riding event with your community. 

Along with these community features, RidingMoto offers several safety features for community riders, which will help you in several unwanted scenarios. For example:

  • The app has a crash guard feature immediately sends a notification on community riders’ mobile if any of your members crashes or meets an accident. 
  •  You can track the live location of your fellow riders, so if your fellow riders take the wrong route or get lost, you can easily track them. 


The Adrenaline rush feeling that riding with your pals gives is incomparable; it’s like having a fortune with you and running from the world. Building a rider community is not as easy as it sounds. RidingMoto can help you find like-minded riders worldwide, plan a trip, and get the feeling I am talking about. Before rev with your biker group, make sure you are aware of hand signs on motorcycles to keep them in the loop and communicate with them. In the end, ride safe, be safe, and be free. 


How do you make a motorcyclist group?

Creating a motorcyclist group involves three key steps: define the purpose of your motorcyclist group, what makes your group different from others, and register it as a legal organization. 

Can a girl be a part of a motorcycle group?

Yes, a girl can join a motorcyclist group. Motorcycles don’t discriminate on gender, making bikers a reputed community.

How do bikers communicate with each other on a motorcycle trip?

Hand signs for the motorcyclists enable them to communicate with their fellow riders to indicate their next move to passersby. 

How do motorcyclists greet or respect each other?

Bikers use the biker wave signal to show respect or greet other bikers. Make a 45-degree, 45-degree angle left hand for biker waves and show a victory sign. 

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