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There is no better to explore distant land than on a motorcycle or two-wheeler, as it offers the best way to get as close to nature as possible. Motorcycle rides provide a great way to know different cultures, try different cuisines, meet new people, and get rid of daily life struggles. 

The United States offers some of the best motorcycle routes every rider wants to ride one day. If you’re also one of those riders who want to explore the United States on a motorcycle but don’t know the motorcycle routes in the USA, then this article is for you.

In this article, we’ve summed up the best routes for motorcycle rides in the USA, offering everything from thrills to peace, mountains to beaches, cultural landmarks, and freedom of the open road. 

These Are the 9 Great Motorcycle Routes In the USA

1. Motorcycle ride to the Tail Of The Dragon

Motorcycle ride To Tail Of The Dragon

The Dragon (aka Tail of the Dragon) is one of the most thrilling motorcycle routes in the USA. It is one of the USA’s most famous and challenging routes with almost 318 twists and turns in just a minute, 11 miles distance.

This route starts from North Carolina and goes to Tabcat Creek Bridge in Tennessee. It is covered by the Smokey Mountains, which offer a calm feeling and breathtaking view for the entire route. Its 318 curves make this route look similar to the dragon’s tail from the aerial view. Due to the heavy curves, riders should always keep their lane and not push their limit; this route is also prone to accidents. 

2. Motorcycle Ride To The Death Valley

Motorcycle ride to Death Valley Road

If you’re an old-school rider, you probably should have heard about the Death Valley motorcycle route in the USA. The route is famous for its desserts and warm temperatures. The Death Valley has also recorded the highest temperature in the world. It is a scenic loop of 280 miles covered in dunes and red rocks. There is a famous saying for the Death Valley Road: “The Death Valley Road is to ride, not to sigh, and the road ahead is your scenery.” 

Words of Warning: As mentioned above, Death Valley is the hottest place on earth, so if you’re planning to go on this route in summer, make sure you keep a lot of water with you to avoid dehydration. 

3. Motorcycle Ride to the Natchez Trace Parkway

Motorcycle Ride to the Natchez Trace Parkway

A perfect route for new riders who want to avoid taking challenging routes or for a pro rider looking for a relaxing trip. The Natchez Trace Parkway motorcycle route is one of the world’s oldest routes and offers a relaxing view. The route lasts 444 miles and is a must-have journey of 10 hours for every motorcycle rider. 

The Natchez Trace Parkway is surrounded by forests, farmlands, and countryside vistas, and another reason to trip on this route is that commercial traffic is prohibited. Hence, you’ll get a clear parkway. There are locations in the Natchez trace Parkway where cell phone networks are or no network at all, so you should always carry a physical copy of the route map. 

4. Pacific Coast Highway Motorcycle Route

Highway Motorcycle route

 A Journey of around 500 miles that takes about 10-12 hours and offers an astounding view of the sea, the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most iconic motorcycle routes in the USA.

Through this 500-mile trip, riders can meander through seaside towns like Malibu, Monterrey, the cliff of Big Sur, and the iconic Bixby Creek bridge, making this route more beautiful and offering panoramic ocean views. The Pacific Coast Highway is truly exhilarating for every rider. 

Pro tip: This route has several beautiful beaches; for some of them, you have to leave the highway and take a freeway. Only leave the highway if you’re familiar with the route or riding with local rider groups. 

5. Beartooth Highway Motorcycle Route

Beartooth Highway Motorcycle route

Over 10,000 feet from sea level, Beartooth Highway is often considered the most beautiful motorcycle ride in the USA. The route is covered with Snow Mountains. Unfortunately, this route closes in winter, and you can only ride on this route from Memorial Day to mid-October (5 months). 

The complete route of Beartooth Highway is around 69 miles but is long enough to give you adventure, thrill, sharp turns, mountain cliffs, and everything a rider needs. The route starts from Montana and ends in Yellowstone National Park with a life-lasting experience. 

Note: Riders should be prepared for any weather conditions when planning to go on this route. 

6. Going to the Sun Motorcycle Road

Going to the sun,

Located in Glacier National Park, Montana, going to the sun road is 51 miles long and is the best example of engineering meets nature. The routes pass through the beautiful scenery of Lake McDonald, bird-woman Falls, and the sacred dancing cascade.

The going-to-sun road is short but is a must-ride route for bikers; sometimes, riders may get to see the wildlife of Glacier National Park. If you’re one of those riders who love quiet rides with nature’s sounds and wonders, going to the sun road is the route, especially for you. Due to located on the glacier, the weather here is unpredictable, and riders should prepare for any weather. 

7. Motorcycle Route To The Black Hills

7. Motorcycle Route To The Black Hills

Located in South Dakota, the black hills offers everything motorcycle riders want to have when on tour, from canyons to plain roads and mountain ranges. 

The black hills are also the house of America’s most famous monument, Mount Rushmore, and the crazy horse memorial. Apart from motorcycling, the black hills are also famous for climbing, and you might also see several climbers trying to summit the black hills. 

The black hills are also famous for the Sturgis motorcycle rally, and there are high chances for you to meet like-minded riders. One thing that you might not like about the black hills is that due to the host of the famous Sturgis rallies, the route gets overcrowded during the holiday seasons and weekends. 

8. San Juan Skyway Motorcycle Ride

San Juan Skyway Motorcycle Ride

Starting point at Durango, San Juan Skyway is a 236-mile route that offers million-dollar views. The route is surrounded by the 14000ft. San Juan Mountain, and during the route, you can see the mountain wildlife, black bears, mountain goats, and the million-dollar highway, which makes the San Juan Skyway earn its place in the top motorcycle routes in the USA.  

An experienced rider can complete the San Juan Skyway route in around 6 hours if you ride continuously. Still, if you’re here to have the experience, I suggest you take an easy 2-3 day trip and experience stunning scenery. 

9. Twisted Sister Motorcycle route in Texas

Twisted Sister in Texas

If you love challenges, this route should be on your list. With curves, wildlife, canyons, and steep hills, many professional riders suggest riding on this route at least once in a lifetime. Its 15-mile section with over 60 curves makes it challenging as well as fun for many riders. The twisted sister route has its own set of hazards. Many riders imagine Texas with a straight road with no curves, but the twist is the opposite and attracts riders who love challenges and curves. The twisted sister route is also famous for its hill country food.

Note: Before starting the twisted sister route, ensure you fill up your motorcycle’s tank, as there are no filling stations in the complete 170-mile route.

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A few tips before riding in the United States

The United States is considered one of the most strict countries regarding the law, and before you plan a motorcycle trip in the USA, make sure you’re aware of these laws.

The USA receives many tourists every year, and several routes and national parks in the USA require a pre-reservation to visit. Also, if your main motor to see the United States is riding or touring on a motorcycle, be ready for different weather conditions. 

Last but not least, healthcare in the US can cost you a fortune. It is advised to purchase travel insurance or health insurance to cover medical bills. 

Ready to ride the famous motorcycle routes in the USA?

International bike trips are the dream of many riders, but there is always a kind of fear when visiting different countries, especially countries with strict laws like the USA. Our RidingMoto app will help you to join a community of riders in the USA and plan a motorcycle ride with them. I have already mentioned a few of the benefits RidingMoto offers riders, which are also the reasons for its popularity and first preference of every motorcycle rider. The app is free and can be used by worldwide riders without geographical limitations. 


Can I ride a motorcycle in the USA with a license from a different country?

The answer to this question is simple: yes, you can ride a motorcycle in the USA with any country’s license, but make sure your license is in the English language, or else you may get a ticket. 

Can I take my bike to the USA?

Yes, you can bring your bike to the USA, but there are several documents and legal formalities you have to complete, and if you’re doing it for the first time, you may find it hectic. 

How much does shipping a bike to the USA cost?

The cost of shipping your bike to the USA depends on the country you have citizenship. The price varies from country to country.

How much is bike import duty in the USA?

If you’re importing your bikes for personal use, you may not be liable for any duties. You may have to pay 2.4% or higher depending on your bike.

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