Motorcycle Road Trip Planner App: Your Key to Stress-Free Travel

“The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and liberating.”- Aaron Lauritsen

The open roads with cool winds and curves are one of the best things on the streets, and being a nomad who spends more than 100 days on the road a year, I’ve used several motorcycle road trip planner apps. In this blog, we’ll be talking about an app to plan road trips that I have been using for a few years now, and it has made my road trip stress-free. 

Here, we’ll know how to create an effective road plan, why you should use a road trip planner app, and how to get the most out of the RidingMoto app. So, let’s start.

How to Create an Effective Motorcycle Road Trip Plan

Making a road trip successful requires a lot of attention and preplanning. Most people get excited and need to remember about essential things, such as spare parts, clothes for different weather, checking their Motorcycle for any faults, etc. There are a few important factors that you should take care of before heading for a road trip.

Preplan your route

Preplanning makes a huge difference in a motorcycle road trip; it can make a road trip from worse to more adventurous. There are so many places to ride, and almost every rider wants to try every place, but we all know it’s not possible. Always consider how far you can travel. Only pick locations a little, how long your ride will be, and decide your stops before heading on the road trip. A road trip planner app can help you sort out these things and enhance your riding experience. 

Create an Effective Road Trip Plan

Always pack sufficient rations 

Basic human needs, such as food and water. When planning a motorcycle road trip, you should pack a ready-to-eat meal and enough water supply for your trip. Consider packing high protein and fibre foods that will be ready to eat and easy to digest. Don’t ride with an empty stomach, as it can distract you or feel exhausted while riding. 

Pack spare parts

It doesn’t matter whether you’re bringing a Harley or whatever model of Motorcycle with you; all are prone to be broken. Being a rider for over a decade, I always keep spare parts with me so I can repair my bike in any condition if there is any minor issue. Some of the spare parts which I carry with me are as follows

  • Tyre tubes
  • Clutch cable
  • Headlights
  • Toolkits
  • Foot pump

Check weather conditions

Weather can change your trip into a disastrous experience. One wants to get wet during the motorcycle road trip; it can be the worst thing to happen as it can result in disease or can make roads slippery and prone to accidents. You can install any road trip planner app and check the weather conditions before starting your route. 

Gas up your Motorcycle

Nothing can be worse than an empty fuel tank; you should always fill your tank full and, if possible, carry a utensil to carry fuel so you can refill it if it gets emptied in remote areas.  

Basic Motorcycle Repairing Class

Having a little knowledge of minor repairs is essential when you plan a motorcycle road trip. You can enrol for a 7-day course and learn to fix tyre punctures, change cables, change your battery fuse, tighten your break, clean your filter, etc. These classes will not cost you a fortune but can save you from getting stuck in unwanted situations. 

These are a few tips you can use to plan your road trips and forget the everyday drudgery effectively.

Check weather conditions

Planning Your Next Trip: Use RidingMoto to Take it to Another Level

We are officially in the golden era of technology and have applications for almost every need, from grocery, liquor, and cab booking to planning a motorcycle road trip.

RidingMoto is a specially developed app for riding enthusiasts. Several professional riders and nomads are using the app and have praised it. The app is laced with an easy-to-use GUI and offers several rider-centric features that help riders in different ways.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Road Trip Planner App?

RidingMoto offers several features to enhance the riding experience and save the rider from unwanted situations. Below are some of its features to help you understand how the RidingMoto saves your rides from getting hectic.

Plan Your Route

Riding is the only road trip planner app developed explicitly for Motorcycle riders. When you put your destination in the app, it only suggests the tailored motorcycle routes with the best scenic points and most adventurous curves. With the app, we guarantee you will ride the best route to your destination. 

Live Location sharing 

Once you have planned your route and headed to your destination, the biggest fear for your family and friends is getting lost or locating you. Keeping this in mind, RidingMoto offers a live-location sharing feature. Riders need to share a link to their location, and after that, their family and friends or link recipients can track them throughout the whole trip. This feature also comes in handy to locate a fellow rider if they take the wrong route or get lost during the journey. 

Crash Guard

Being a rider and a nomad for more than ten years, I know and acknowledge that the road is the home of misshappening and hazards. When you’re riding, you are always prone to road accidents or crashes, and this is one of the situations no one wants to face. RidingMoto, a motorcycle road trip planner app, offers a crash guard feature that allows riders to enter an emergency number to send a notification if they encounter an accident or crash during the ride. The feature also ensures that the rider gets the first aid as soon as possible. This feature can save the life of any rider. 

Create a rider’s community

The most difficult for any rider is finding like-minded people to create a community of riders with whom they can raid the world. RidingMoto allows riders to create a community and ask riders from any corner of the world to join the community. Having a rider community enables you to get connected with like-minded people and plan a world tour, the dream of every rider or individual. Also, riding with your pal offers camaraderie. 

Riders timeline

Since we are in the digital era, we all love sharing our experiences on social media. RidingMoto road trip planner app allows riders to share their trip’s photos, videos, posts, scenic points, and routes with their community members.

Benefits of Using a Road Trip Planner App

Tips for Making the Most of Your Motorcycle Road Trip Planner: RidingMoto

    Download Offline Maps

    To ensure uninterrupted access to maps and navigation, this motorcycle road trip planner app allows you to download offline maps for your preferred riding areas. This feature ensures you can navigate even in the poor network coverage area.

    Customize Your Alerts

    Riders can create alerts according to your preferences and riding style. You can create alerts for severe weather conditions or upcoming road hazards.

    Utilize Voice Commands

     We have embedded a voice command feature in the pp so riders can fully use it. For hands-free navigation, take advantage of RidingMoto’s voice command feature. Activate voice commands and issue instructions or queries while keeping your hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road.

    Share Your Rides

     Share your riding adventures and favourite routes with friends and fellow riders with our Road Trip Planner app’s social features. Inspire others to explore new destinations and discover hidden gems along the way.


    Riding a motorcycle or taking a road trip is the best way to forget the everyday hassles and get close to nature as much as possible. One should always preplan their road trip to make it more adventurous and hassle-free. RidingMoto is an app for Motorcycle riders that allows riders to plan their road trip with several security features. You should try Riding at least once, and you will see the difference in your riding experience; download the app and plan your road trip today.


    Several wanderers and nomads recommend and use the RidingMoto app to plan motorcycle road trips. The app is one of the highly praised apps and offers several user-centric features. 

    Yes, you can use the RidingMoto app offline, but a few functions or features will only work when you are connected to the internet.

    Planning a road trip is a hectic task. You’ve got to consider several factors, such as food, water, toolkits, stops, etc. In this write-up, we’ve defined how to plan a motorcycle road trip. 

    For nomads and wanderers who dream of going on a world tour with their two-wheeler beast, RidingMoto is the best option. It also allows you to connect with like-minded riders from any corner of the world and plan a world tour.

    First, Google Maps is not a road trip planner app. It is a navigation app that only gives you directions to your destination. You don’t get any rider-centric features that a road trip planner app offers. 


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