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Since the post-pandemic, we have officially entered the technology era where you’ll find applications and gadgets for almost everything.  Today, we cannot imagine our lives without technology interfering, whether we are shopping, planning a road trip, or anything else. 

Several motorcycle rider apps are available in the market today, and a few are helpful. These apps help you navigate to your destination and make your riding experience more enjoyable and safe.  

In this write-up, I’ll take you on a tour of a Motorcycle road trip planner app named RidingMoto and explain how this app is a one-stop solution for motorcycle riders. 

How RidingMoto Motorcycle Rider App Help Riders

As a rider for over 16 years, I’ve ridden in 70+ countries and know the difficulties riders face, especially on cross-country trips. During this time, I’ve used several apps for navigation, safety, and joining riders’ communities, but the convenience that RidingMoto provides is a different vibe. 

Since I started using the RidingMoto motorcycle rider app, I have felt safer and enjoyed my rides at best with their tailored motorcycle routes with the best views and points of interest. Below, I have shared my experience and an overview of RidingMoto features, which come in handy and enhance my riding experience. 

motorcycle road trip planner

Tailored route navigation

Many map apps are available, including Google Maps, Waze, etc., but these apps provide a regular route for your ride. RidingMoto, on the other hand, is specially designed for motorcycle riders and provides motorcycle routes only. It offers real-time traffic updates, route information, and road conditions so you can decide whether to take that route. 

RidingMoto has 95% accuracy in route navigation, and I have also experienced it. It provides routes specifically for motorcycles, which reduces the chances of getting stuck in traffic. Also, the RidingMoto motorcycle road trip planner app often shows the road hazards that other motorcycle rider apps miss. 

Share your live location

Sharing is caring. RidingMoto allows riders to share their live location with anyone through a link. With this feature, you can share your location with family or fellow riders so they will always know where you are heading, whether you are safe, and whether you have reached your destination.  

Apart from sharing location with family, this feature is also handy for group rides as you navigate with fellow riders in case they get lost or take a break and get behind you. When sharing locations using the RidingMoto rider app, users can also share their estimated arrival time to the destination. 

Motorcycle Rider Crash guard

It is probably one of the most required features for every motorcycle rider. A crash guard ensures the safety of the rider by automatically notifying the rider’s emergency contacts if the rider has an accident. 

In my riding experience, I’ve had accidents around 6-7 times, and it is the worst feeling, especially in remote areas where you can’t quickly locate first aid. I’ve used the beta version of the RidingMoto motorcycle road trip planner app, and its crash guard works most reliably and sends a notification immediately with the current location so you can quickly locate yourself if you have severe injuries.  

Create a rider’s community

Undoubtedly, riding a motorcycle with a community is the best feeling that a bike enthusiast can have. Unfortunately, finding a rider community is not easy for a new rider, as there are chances that there are no rider communities around you or they don’t want you to join them. 

Don’t worry. The RidingMoto rider app has resolved the hassle of finding a rider community, allowing riders to create or join a rider community without any hassle. This motorcycle rider app is an international platform, and you can find motorcycle communities all around the globe or create your own and ask your friends or local riders to join. 

Share your riding experience

Riding is like a hub for riders, or you can say a Facebook of Motorcycle Riders, as it also offers all the social features, such as following riders, sharing images, and posting with fellow riders. With all these features, riders can share their previous motorcycle trip experiences with the community members and motivate them to go on a road trip. 

Along with the social features, this motorcycle rider app also has fun features such as: 

Create challenges

As the name indicates, the app allows users to create riding challenges and share them with their fellow riders so they can complete them.


You can create rewards for the riders who complete the riding challenges. Rewards can be anything, such as points, free trips, riding accessories, or app premium. 

Host an event

RidingMoto is mainly focused on community riders, and we know that every community dreams of hosting an event. RidingMoto acknowledges this and offers riders a host an event feature. This feature makes hosting a riding event a cakewalk for everyone. 

So, these are the few features that the RidingMoto motorcycle rider app offers to Riders to enhance their riding experience. The app has many other features that you can check yourself. 

Get Most Out of The Motorcycle Road Trip Planner app

motorcycle road trip planner,

Download Offline maps

In my riding career, I’ve almost raided most of the remote locations, and one thing I faced the most in remote areas is network issues. But RidingMoto lets you download the route map online to navigate hassle-free, even in remote areas without internet connectivity. 

Customize your alerts

Forgetting passwords and dates is not a big deal and can happen to anyone. I also forgot many essential things, such as insurance renewal, motorcycle service, engine oil change, etc. But since I use the RidingMoto road trip planner app, I don’t even bother remembering them. I create alerts for every task related to my bikes, whether document renewal or service dates, and the app notifies me.  

Voice commands for navigation

Undoubtedly, roads are the home of hazards, and anything can happen on roads, especially if your biker is not under your control. Riders can use the voice command feature in this road trip planning app for navigation so that both their hands will be on the handlebar and have more control over the bike. 

Use Inbuilt Spotify

Many riders, including me, prefer to ride with music, especially on the remote, as there is less traffic and more passersby. The RidingMoto rider app has a built-in Spotify optionand riders can enjoy their favourite music while riding. 

Weather and Traffic updates

Traffic and weather are two crucial factors I consider before planning a motorcycle road trip. Nobody wants to get wet when on a road trip, as it can result in fever or cold, and getting sick on a road trip is the worst thing that can happen. The same goes for traffic. RidingMoto rider app provides live updates of weather and traffic on your route so you can prepare accordingly.


Several rider apps are available on the internet, but RidingMoto’s features are incomparable. I have mentioned most features that make RidingMoto a one-stop solution for riders. The app is available internationally, and you can use it in any corner of the world without any glitches. I have also traveled to over 20 countries, and this motorcycle road trip planner app works fine everywhere.


RidingMoto is mainly built for motorcycle riders to enhance their commute and long motorcycle trips. The app has several safety and fun features that ensure riders get the most out of their riding. Riders can also use the app as a road trip planner. 

Several apps on the internet can help you on a road trip, such as Waze and Gasbuddy. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one app that provides navigation, weather updates, points of interest, etc., RidingMoto should be your go-to option. 

Before planning a travel itinerary, one needs to keep many things in mind, such as what stops will be made, how much distance will be covered in a single day, check weather and road conditions, pack the ration, etc. 

Riding with friends is the best thing, and the adrenaline rush that it provides cannot be matched. However, before you plan a ride with community riders, you must learn motorcycle signs, know your fellow riders, and build trust to make them count. 

For the last 15+ years, I have used over 20+ rider apps before switching to RidingMoto. Now, I prefer RidingMoto as it provides almost every feature required for a safe and adventurous motorcycle trip. 

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