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Choose 9 Different Apps or RidingMoto App | What to Use All Yours

In the digital era, if you’re not using motorcycle riding apps, you’re missing many things, and these might be some of the best adventures. Here are our top 9 picks: crash Guard, AccuWeather, Waze, Motorcycle Weather, Gas Buddy, Autosist, My Ride, Best Biking Roads, and My Moto to enhance the riding experience with the help of technology. Ultimately, we’ve described the RidingMoto Motorcycle road trip planner app highly praised by wanderers and nomads.

Since the post-pandemic, we are officially in the digital, and nowadays, every vendor provides their services through applications or web platforms. Nowadays, even for Motorcycle riders, several applications in the market can ease bike ride trip planning and make it successful without facing any challenges or getting stuck in unwanted scenarios. 

In this blog, we have created a list of apps every Motorcycle rider or trip planner should have on their mobile phones. These apps can help you out in difficult or unwanted situations. 

RidingMoto App Have All These 9 apps Features

When it comes to making a bike trip successful, you have to consider several things before hitting the road. For example, you should know the proper routes to the destination, the condition of your bike, and where you will stay at night. Besides this, you should be aware of the fuel charges of different locations because we know fuel prices can vary from location or country to country. 

We have kept all these factors in mind and have crafted the list accordingly, so let’s start with the first one. 

all Crash Guard aapp features have in RidingMoto App

1. Crash Guard App

Crash guards are the most essential apps for any rider, especially on a long road trip. Crash guard apps share your live location with your fellow riders and family in case you have an accident or crash. This app can save you from severe injury and help the medication team reach out to you as soon as possible. A few road trip planner apps in the market offer this feature. The RidingMoto application also offers this feature to users to ensure their safety.

2. AccuWeather App

Weather apps are helpful in many situations, but not all are precise. AccuWeather is a beast and one of the most accurate and recommended apps for knowing the weather. If you’re planning to go on a bike ride trip, AccuWeather should be your go-to choice as it shows long 15-day weather predictions. You can also check the 4-hour minute-by-minute weather prediction. AccuWeather can save you from trouble in your bike riding trip by providing accurate snow, rain, hail, and sleet weather info. 

However, the only problem with AccuWeather is that in 2017, the AccuWeather app was caught selling users’ location data to third parties. Also, AccuWeather asks for several permissions, which I don’t think is required. 

All accuweather app features have in RidingMoto App
all Waze Logo app features have in RidingMoto App

3. Waze App

It is a GPS navigation app that provides real-time traffic updates in your locality and suggests the best traffic routes. With the help of this tool, you can get rid of traffic, closed routes, and other obstacles on the road. You might be thinking about Google Maps, but as a rider, I’ll suggest Waze, as it also allows riders to share their location and ETA (expected time for arrival). Waze is a great app, but sometimes, it shows routes through residential areas, which can be daunting for riders or cause them to get stuck in unwanted situations. Additionally, Using the Waze app can be hectic for new users due to its cluttered dashboard. 


4. Motorcycle Weather App

Don’t get confused. I know I mentioned AccuWeather for the weather update, but Motorcycle weather is slightly different from Accuweather. Where AccuWeather shows the weather for the current time or the next few days, the Motorcycle weather app allows riders to put the temperature, riding conditions, humidity, or wind speed and suggest the best time when the weather will meet all the provided scenarios. 

all Epic Ride Weather app features have in RidingMoto App
all Gas Buddy app features have in RidingMoto App

5. Gas Buddy App

Gas prices vary from state to state or country to country. The Gas Buddy app updates you on gas prices around you. Apart from Gas prices, riders can also filter the best gas station with the best price and premium fuel. There are several incidents when I get fraud on petrol pumps as they charge extra or fill low-grade fuel, especially if you are a foreigner. The Gas Buddy app updates you on gas prices around you. Apart from Gas prices, riders can also filter the best gas station with the best price and premium fuel.

6. Autosist App

This app is helpful if you forgot your bike service date and legal documents. Autosist allows riders to schedule a reminder for bike service or any other bike-related problem, such as tire change, oil change, brake service, etc.  Autosist allows riders to schedule a reminder for bike service or any other bike-related problem, such as tyre change, oil change, brake service, etc. The Autosist app on your mobile will let you forget to remember maintenance dates, legal documents, or any other important things related to the motorcycle. 

Autosist App logo
All My Ride app features have in RidingMoto App

7. My Ride App

 The app was developed by Yamaha and allows riders to discover new routes as well as track their route. Apart from routes, the My Ride app also tracks how long you are riding, lean angle, acceleration, total distance covered, the average speed of your bike and so on. The app works like a charm, provides all the details accurately, and enhances your bike riding experience. 

8. The best biking roads App

The app efficiently locates your destination’s most popular bike routes. Hence, you have to think about the destination where you want to go on a trip, and the app will find the best route for you. Along with the best routes, the app shows pictures and reviews of the routes shared by the other riders so you can decide whether to go on that route or pick a new one. 

The best biking roads

9. My Moto App

This one is a great app to know every detail of your bike’s condition. The app shows every minute detail of your vehicle, like how many miles it has traveled, its model, how much mileage it currently gives, service history, Tax and insurance, etc. Besides this, you can also set reminders for bike maintenance or other vehicle-related reminders. 

Most unexpected accidents can happen on the road, especially on a long road trip on your bike. These apps mentioned above can save you from several unwanted situations. 

If you’re worried about installing and using these many apps, don’t worry; we have a replacement. 

RidingMoto – All-in-One App Every Bike Rider Must Have

RidingMoto is a well-known name as a road trip planner app used by several rider communities around the globe. The app can save you from installing the abovementioned apps as it offers all the features in a single dashboard. 

RidingMoto offers several features to make your trip a priceless experience. The app is specially coded for bike riders and offers every feature to make a trip successful. 

With RidingMoto, riders get a crash guard option that sends an immediate notification with a location to the rider’s partner or family if they encounter an accident. Also, this app lets you share your location with anyone through a link, and they can monitor you until you safely reach your destination.

Besides these safety features, RidingMoto allows you to create or join riders’ communities and plan a Motorcycle trip with them. Within the community, you can also share photos, videos, and posts of your trip. Riders can also see other community members’ posts from their trip. 

The app also has a scorecard feature, showing how many miles your friends have covered in a specific period. 


We think the above apps can enhance your bike trip experience in different ways. However, we recommend you install and use RidingMoto as it offers all nine app features. We are currently in the pre-launch phase, and its beta version has been tried and tested by several professional MotoGP riders around the globe; they have praised it and recommended it for riders to plan and execute a trip successfully and effortlessly. RidingMoto App is a free app you can easily install on Android and iOS devices. What are you waiting for? Install the RidingMoto App and plan a bike trip with the community to experience unexplored nature’s beauty, different cultures, cuisines, etc. 


Several factors must be considered when riding a motorcycle, including weather, traffic, fuel, etc. RidingMoto is an all-in-one road trip planner app that offers several rider-centric features.

It depends on what you expect from your app, like whether you want to track your riding activity, speed, lean angle, or a road trip planner app. You can try RidingMoto; it offers several features that fulfill all your needs. 

Several apps can help you navigate the motorcycle route. However, only a few apps can help you join or create a rider community. RidingMoto is a renowned application used worldwide by riders, and it allows you to create a community and meet like-minded riders. 

Several motorcycle apps are available that can track your bike ride information, such as total distance, time of riding, etc., but if you are looking for an all-in-one application, I suggest you download RidingMoto, a road trip planner app. 

RidingMoto doesn’t store or share your personal information or location details with any third party. RidingMoto prioritizes its users and updates its apps with the latest security algorithms to protect users’ data. 

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