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Best Motorcycle Navigation Apps to Stay on Track 

In this blog, we’ve described some of the best motorcycle navigation apps that not only provide navigation but also come in handy to enhance the riding experience. We’ve described Diablo Superbike, EatSleepRide, MotoEye, and Rever applications. Also, we recommend the RidingMoto app, a one-stop solution for motorcycle riders. There are several features in the RidingMoto app; we’ve described some of its highlighted features for you. Go through the complete blog and install a motorcycle riding app; you find the most suitable.

Since the post-pandemic, the world has changed a lot. Nowadays, there are several apps available on the web that can be used for motorcycle navigation on a long trip or commuting.  

I’ll review some of the best and most advanced motorcycle GPS tracker and navigation apps; if you think I have missed any app, you are most welcome in the comment section. The motto of writing this blog is to provide the best app for motorcyclists to enhance their motorcycle rides. These apps are specially designed for motorcyclists and offer almost every feature required for a long motorcycle trip or motorcycle rider. So, let’s start. 

Motorcycle Navigation Apps you Should Try to Enhance your Experience 

From getting one point to another precisely, there are several other reasons why riders have to utilize motorcycle Navigation or Motorcycle GPS tracker applications. From advancements in route and hazards to route diversions, motorcycle navigation updates you about everything, but not all apps are made for you. So, carefully read about all the apps mentioned here, evaluate their utilization, and decide which app will perfectly suit your needs.  

Diablo Super Biker

Diablo Super Biker 

Diablo Super biker app is specially designed for riders who love speed and leaning their bikes, primarily for track riders. The app allows riders to record their lap timing, lean angle, and other options. However, the app doesn’t offer any Motorcycle navigation feature. The app is entirely free and available in a few countries. You can visit their website to check whether the app is available in your country. 

 EatSleepRide ESR 

EatSleepRide (ESR) is a Facebook lite for riders as it allows riders to post videos, stories, and images of their motorcycle trip with other riders. The app has several rider-oriented features, such as tracking your rides, and managing them with fellow riders, tracking your location, motorcycle navigation, the total distance you have covered, lean angle, etc. 

Unfortunately, with these many features, many newbie users cannot use the application quickly and take some time to get used to this application. ESR is a feature-packed app for motorcycle riders, and you can access additional features by purchasing a subscription, which I find costlier compared to other apps.

EatSleepRide ESR

RidingMoto A Motorcycle Navigation App & Motorcycle Trip Planner

Motorcycle Navigation App
 The most completed app for Motorcycle riders doesn’t matter whether you’re a solo or group rider. The app is an all-in-one solution for riders as it is laced with most of the rider-centric features and an easy-to-use interface, which makes it a first preference for motorcycle riders. Some of its features overview is as follows: 

Motorcycle GPS tracker

RidingMoto uses the latest technology and suggests the most beautiful routes to your destination with precise navigation and voice command features. With the voice command feature, you don’t have to look at your phone’s screen while riding and can keep your focus on the road.  

Crash Guard of RidingMoto

It is one of the most necessary or life-saving features any motorcycle navigation app provides. With the crash guard feature, you can add contacts to the app you want to contact if something terrible happens to you (crash, accident) during your ride.  

Built-in Spotify in RidingMoto 

Most riders are fond of music, and Spotify is currently the best platform to stream songs. RidingMoto offers a built-in Spotify option so riders can enjoy their favorite music while riding to their dream destination.  

Live Location tracking With RidingMoto: Another important feature for riders. Using this feature, riders can share their live location with family members or fellow riders to access the rider’s location anytime. This feature comes in handy to locate riders if they have an accident or are lost.  

Build or join riders’ community

Group riding has a different vibe, such as camaraderieRidingMoto’s community feature helps riders connect with like-minded riders from all over the globe and plan trips together.  

Weather and traffic update

Weather and traffic play a crucial role in making any ride worse or more adventurous; keeping this in mind, we have provided an inbuilt traffic and weather update feature. Hence, riders don’t have to switch between Different apps to plan their ride. 

Riders Facebook

Riders can share their Motorcycle trip experiences, including photos, videos, snaps, posts, etc., on their Ridingmoto timeline. In addition to sharing, riders can also watch other riders’ timeline activity. These are the best Motorcycle navigation apps for riders to enhance their riding experience. RidingMoto is one of the most complete and reliable motorcycle navigation and trip planner apps. With its astounding features, riders can ensure a seamless experience and its technology will only improve with time.


MotoEye is another app that lets riders track their ride. The app has a user-centric GUI, and even a first-time user can easily navigate through the application. Riders can easily Track their ride’s info such as Total distance, average speed, activities, and maximum speed. Another nice feature about MotoEye is that it includes the weather report of that particular day; riders can check the weather report, plan their Motorcycle ride, and prepare themselves accordingly. 

The MotoEye app also offers voice command navigation, but only for a specific territory. Also, you can download your route map offline and navigate freely without any internet connection or network-prone areas.  


Rever is a motorcycle navigation, route planning, and recording application. Its easy-to- use interface enables riders to track their rides with just a single tap. Riders simply need to click on the Track Ride option, and the app will start recording their ride, including the 

total distance, duration, average speed, and elevation. It is also a rider’s community app, and riders can see their fellow riders’ routes, like them, comment on them, or share them. You can also download your route offline for motorcycle navigation in remote areas without internet or network connectivity.   


Voila, these are the best motorcycle navigation apps out there. I would not be wrong to say that RidingMoto is currently an undisputed must-have app for motorcycle riders, and with time, it may become their one-stop solution. Ultimately, we leave it up to you to choose the app you prefer to enhance your riding experience and motorcycle navigation.  


RidingMoto is currently the best and most complete app for motorcycle riders, as it offers everything: crash guard, live location sharing, the ability to create or join a rider community, weather and traffic updates, etc.

The RidingMoto app is available in all countries. Whether you live in the USA or the UK, You can use Australia to enhance your riding experience. 

Yes, RidingMoto is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Also, if necessary, You can access RidingMoto’s web app on any device.  

No, there are no such charges in the RidingMoto app. Riders only have to purchase an app subscription and all other features will be included.  

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