Navigate Your Motorcycle Ride Adventure: How RidingMoto App Enhances Your Journey 

Motorcycle rides are the best to go as close as possible to nature and experience the freedom, thrill, different cultures, and cuisines. However, getting lost is not a big deal during the motorcycle ride, as a little misstep can take you from the right lane to the wrong, and you may realize it once it is very late. 

Nobody wants to hear the words “I am LOST” or “We’re LOST” during the motorcycle trip, as it can be the worst thing. You might know what can happen and how hectic it can be to get back on the right track. 

With this write-up, we’ll explain all the possible ways to navigate your route on a motorcycle road trip. 

7 Common Ways To Navigate Your Motorcycle Ride Adventure Trip 

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I have been going on bike trips for the last 13 years now, and in my initial days, I experienced several instances when I felt like I was lost. It is the scariest feeling you can have, especially when you are on a solo trip and out of food and other necessary supplies. On a bike trip, the worst can happen if you’re running out of fuel and you get lost from your route. 

Now, with my 13 years of experience and some best and worst experiences, I’ve learned 7 ways to navigate the route, which are handy almost every time. 

The obvious and the first and foremost option to navigate the trail. We all know what Google Maps is and how it can help us to navigate our route. Google Maps shows the precise route to your destination with real-time hazards and other issues. However, the problem comes when we go on motorcycle rides in a remote location; we might face network issues, and in my personal experience, most riders pick remote locations for motorcycle trips. 

Motorcycle Ride Adventure With Offline Maps

As mentioned above, Google Maps shows the precise route, but in remote areas, It cannot help you. Don’t panic; nowadays, several other map apps allow you to download the map offline, and you can access it even without having any network or internet connection. Google Maps also has an option to save the map offline and access it anywhere and anytime. 

Motorcycle Ride With Physical Maps

Anything can happen on a motorcycle ride trip. With offline maps, we are prepared for the remote areas, but what if our phone runs out of battery? Then, we cannot use the offline maps as well. I remember wandering in Death Valley, Nevada, with some of my fellow riders, and we were lost. Only I got the maps saved offline, but my mobile ran out of battery, which was the worst feeling for all of us. Luckily, one of us always carries a traditional paper map and can use it. That was the day, and now is the day; I always keep a physical map with me whenever I go on a motorcycle trip, and I will also recommend that you do the same.  

Follow Road signals While Motorcycle Ride

In my 13 years of motorcycle riding trip experience, I have learned that reading road signals is a must, and you should always pay attention to them. There are chances that your chosen route may go under construction, and the online map signals may not have been updated. Road signals are the backbone of any adventure trip, especially motorcycle ride trips. 

Ask locals or passersby when you are on a Motorcycle Ride Adventure

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 Locals are the most reliable resource to navigate the motorcycle ride route. Also, locals are well aware of the shortcuts and the best routes to your destination. People in remote locations are always helpful and will guide you with the best advice and resources. Hence, you can ask any eatery, passerby, or any local you see on the route for directions. 

Follow Sun Directions

You may find it old school, but I found it helpful. We all know the sun rises in the east and rests in the west, and if you know which direction you want to go, the sun should be your day partner. And can help you find direction without any confusion and will lead you to your destination. 

Follow Stars Directions

 Imagine riding at night and getting lost without navigation apps and physical maps. What will you do? Do what sailors and wanderers have been doing for centuries: follow the stars. The best way to locate the direction in the night is to find the North Star (aka Polaris, Little Bear, and Little Dipper); it is the brightest star and will always be on your north. You might get lost again if you learn the skills to find direction using the sky. 

These are the 7 ways I use to find directions or routes when on a motorcycle ride trip. But I know apart from navigating the routes, there are several other factors that every motorcycle rider should prepare for. 

How RidingMoto App Can Help In Your Motorcycle Ride Trip?

RidingMoto is a unique bike trip planner app that motorcyclists and pro riders highly praise. The app was specially developed for riders, and we prioritized their safety when developing it. 

The app has several life-savior and trip-savior features, making it a must-have application for riders, especially those who find their peace in long motorcycle rides and trips. Some of this app’s features are as follows:

Riding Moto Inbuilt Traffic and best route finder, Motorcycle Ride
  • Create or Join Riders’ Community: As an international bike ride trip planner app, RidingMoto allows you to create or join a global riders’ community and plan your next trip with them anywhere in the world. 
  • Find and suggest the best routes: Going on a bike trip doesn’t make sense if you don’t ride on the best route. The RidingMoto app uses the latest technology to find the best routes for your motorcycle ride trip. 
  • Crash Guard to notify friends: It doesn’t matter how experienced and proficient riders you are; there is always a fear of crashing, and this is the worst and scariest thing to happen. RidingMoto offers a crash guard option, which lets the app send an immediate notification to the rider’s family or friends so the rider will receive the medication or help immediately. 
  • Live location sharing: We discussed this above; what if we get lost during our motorcycle ride trip? To tackle this scenario, RidingMoto allows sharing the rider’s live location with friends and fellow riders. In case you get lost, your fellow rider will have access to you and locate you without any hassle.  
  • Create challenges and rewards: It is a fun feature that lets the riders create challenges and rewards and share them within the community so anyone interested can complete the challenge. 

Final Verdict

Navigating the right path is a must when a rider is on a motorcycle ride; otherwise, they may face several problems or end up stuck in an unwanted situation. With the navigation methods mentioned in the blog, one can find the correct direction and route to reach the destination safely. If you love long motorcycle rides with your fellow riders, install the RidingMoto app. The app will enhance your experience and will give you the best of the best. 


Are there apps to plan a road trip on a motorcycle?

Yes, there are a few apps that can help you plan a road trip on a motorcycle. RidingMoto is a specially developed app for Motorcycle riders that has several prominent features.

What is the best app to plan motorcycle rides?

Several professional bikers and MotoGP professionals recommend the RidingMoto app for safe and enhanced rides. You can install and use the free app for a better riding experience.

How can I track the live location of my fellow rider?

RidingMoto offers a live track location feature that allows riders to share a link with the receiver so they can monitor or see their live location.

Can I share my live location with anybody using RidingMoto?

Yes, you can share the live location with anybody anywhere around the globe. Also, if required, the RidingMoto can notify the family or community members if the rider has a crash. 

Can every rider use RidingMoto worldwide? 

Yes, it is an international app available in all countries, and riders can use it anywhere without facing any glitches or hassles. 

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