6 Best Places To Ride Dirt Bike Trails Near You In The USA

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Motorcycles are one of man’s first loves, and the feeling that riding a bike gives us doesn’t get anywhere else. Nowadays, several riders want to ride dirt bikes as they are one of the most adventurous bikes, and the dirt bike route provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you’re from the United States, you are one of those lucky bike enthusiasts who have some of the best places to ride dirt bikes near you. 

It doesn’t matter what state of the country you live in; you will probably have dirt bike trails near you. In this write-up, we’ll list some of the best dirt bike places you should ride once if you love riding the off-beats roads. 

Apart from these places, there will be many more places, and if you think we have missed any of the best, you’re most welcome in the comment section. We also recommend using the RidingMoto app, which provides real-time trail updates, safety alerts, and a community forum for riders to share their experiences and recommendations. So, let’s start our countdown of the best places to ride dirt bikes near you. 

Moab Utah dirt biking

Moab Utah Dirt Biking

Don’t get shocked. You read it right. Moab, Utah, in the USA, is an ideal area for endurance-riding trails through plenty of national parks, canyons, and rock trails. The trails are beautiful and challenging enough to thwart any experienced rider. 

Moab, Utah, is a type of Disney land for dirt bike riders who enjoy the thrill and challenging tracks. Also, Moab Utah hosts several off-road rallies, and there is no off-season or on-season; you will find kids screaming the entire year. We recommend that every off-road or dirt trail enthusiast visit Moab, Utah.

Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis, California

An imperial dune (also known as Glamis) is the most extensive collection of dunes in the USA, and if you love to ride on sand, it is heaven for you. These dunes are formed by the windblown sand of Cahuilla Lake and are spread over 40 miles and 5 miles wide; it is the best place in the world to ride the desert on two wheels.

Imperial Sand Dunes is a favorite place for off-highway vehicles (OHV). It has beautiful scenery and is home to rare plants and animals you will not see anywhere else. Imperial dune is home to several gigantic dunes; some dunes here can reach 300 feet or above. Most dirt bike enthusiasts want to check Oldsmobile Hill, the giant dune. 

The best time to visit the Imperial Dune is during the winter or spring; don’t even consider visiting this place in summer, as the temperature can be very high, and you might not enjoy your ride to the fullest. You should thoroughly prepare for the trip, cover your face with a scarf, and preplan your trip. 

Imperial Sand Dunes, Glamis, California
Taylor Park Colorado dirt bike trail near me

Taylor Park Colorado

It is one of my favourite places to ride dirt bikes and enjoy off-roading. If you love Outdoor adventure, then Taylor Park is a must-visit place, especially for dirt bike enthusiasts. I personally recommend spending at least a week here. There are many activities you can enjoy here, such as fishing, hiking, and camping.

Taylor Park offers one of the most extensive trails with numerous lakes, ghost towns, mines, and mountain passes. It is one of those places you’ll never forget. 

You might be wondering why I praise Taylor Park so much. The first reason is the dirt bike trail, and we know it doesn’t matter how diehard riders we are; there will be a moment when we get bored or don’t feel like riding anymore. But in Taylor Park, if you get burned out with riding, you have many other options, such as fishing, hiking, water sports, and camping. The scenery around Taylor Park is fantastic. 

Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy trails (aka Trails Heaven) offer some of the best scenery, and for dirt bike enthusiasts, it is one of the must-visit trails. It is around 600 miles, offers something for almost every rider, and crosses several counties with fantastic views and adventurous slopes.

The Hatfield-McCoy trail in West Virginia opens for business 365 days a year and allows you to trail for weeks without trailing the same trail again. Before riding at the Hatfield McCoy trails, you need to have a permit, which will cost you $50 annually for outer state residents, and if you’re from West Virginia, you only need to pay half of the price. For charges this lower, Hatfield Trails is a must-visit place, and if you are looking for a dirt bike place near you in the USA, then this is a goldmine for you. This information will help you plan your budget for the trip. 


Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia Near Me
Sawtooth National Forest (Idaho) Dirt Bike Trail Near Me

Sawtooth National Forest (Idaho)

The Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho has some of the best views and dirt bike trails. It is about 700 miles of trail in a mountain with several adventurous curves, Jagged peaks, serene mountain lakes, and wildlife you will not find anywhere else. 

Sawtooth National Park has over 700 historical sites, and the reflection of Sawtooth Mountain in Red Lake is breathtaking. If you’re one of those riders who loves scenic beauty and wildlife, then Sawtooth will be paradise. It is home to various wildlife, including bears, wolves, elk, and an array of bird species. Also, if you go there with some research, Sawtooth provides the best stargazing opportunity.

Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota)

Black Hills National Forest offers stunning beauty and over 600 miles of OHV trails. The trail will give you a taste of three different states as it is the home of prairie plains, rock climbing arenas, wooded trails, and scraggly Cliffside. If you are a Moto rally lover, I recommend visiting the Black Hills during the Moto Sturgis rally. The black hill forest is also a good place for family trips if you want to tag them along, as there are a lot of activities to do apart from the dirt bike trails, including fishing, hiking, swimming, etc. 

These are some of the best places to ride bikes in the USA. Before you pick a destination to experience the adventure, I want to mention a few things.

Black Hills National Forest (South Dakota) Dirk Bike Trail Near Me

Stewardship and conservation In dirt bike Trail

Stewardship and conservation​

Keep your garbage to yourself

Riding a dirt bike is one of the best things you can do. But you should keep the trail the way you want it. Nobody wants to ride around your trash. 

Remember, you’re a rider and a steward of these trails

While your skills may tempt you to create your path, be responsible and stick to the designated trailsMost of these trails are well-marked, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone

Respect other riders

 A true rider always respects other riders, and that’s what unites the riders. When riding dirt bikes, ride responsibly and enjoy your ride while allowing others to do the same. 

Respect Nature 

You should ride your dirt bike responsibly and protect nature as much as possible. The trails in many national parks take years to get back to the previous state or riding state. It would help if you understood your responsibility to protect the trails and nature of these places as there are not many places available.   

 Along with these responsibilities, you should ensure your safety when riding a dirt bike. Riding on a plain highway and riding on a road trail are different. Riding on dirt bike trails, muddy, snowy, and rocky trails, has higher chances of getting injured, and you are no other than responsible for your safety. 

So, before heading out to the dirt bike trails, you should take care of the following checklist.

Safety Precautions to Ride on Dirt Bike Trails in USA or Anywhere

Safety should be every rider’s priority, whether on dirt bike trails or highways. Here are a few safety tips you should take care of when riding on dirt bike trails. 

Wear Riding gear

Riding gear is the first thing every rider should invest in. Good riding gear can save your life or prevent severe injuries. I recommend investing in good-quality riding gear, such as helmets, gloves, leather jackets, trousers, boots, and goggles. These gears can save you from spending a fortune on medical bills.

Pack Wisely

Most first-time dirt bike riders make these silly mistakes. They pack the same thing for dirt bike trails; they pack for a motorcycle trip. However, riding on the dirt bike trials is an entirely different experience. When going on to ride the best places to ride dirt bikes in the USA, you should pack extra spare parts, including clutch wire, gear wire, tire tubes, toolkit, extra rear, and front headlights, etc. 

Be focused

Dirt bike trails will never be as smooth as highways, so you must be more focused when riding them. It would help if you remembered to stay in contact with your family and friends when riding them, as dirt trails are most prone to accidents and unwanted casualties.  

Safety Precautions to Ride on Dirt Bike Trails in USA or Anywhere​

Stay Sober

Most riders do dirt bike riding for fun, and it is the most adventurous way to have fun and a lifetime experience. But many of the riders become overconfident or, you can say, idiots as they drink before going for a dirt bike ride, and nothing is worse than this. We always say never drink and ride, especially on dirt bike trails. 

So here we come to the end of the blog, and now you might be wondering: If you want to find the best places to ride dirt bikes near you, how can you prepare and ensure your safety when going for a dirt bike ride or expedition? 

Don’t worry. We are in an era where technology covers everything. If you are a dirt bike enthusiast without any trails or safety precautions for dirt bike riding, you can install and use the RidingMoto app. 

What is RidingMoto and How it Helps Dirt Bike Riders ​

RidingMoto is an international motorcycle road trip planner app that allows motorcyclists to plan, navigate, and travel to any corner of the world. RidingMoto will enable riders to connect with like-minded riders or riders’ communities worldwide to explore together on two wheels. 

The app has several safety and rider-centric features that enhance the rider’s experience and make the motorcycle trip a lifetime experience. 

Let me describe some of its features so you will know why the app is developed and how it helps dirt bike riders enhance their experience.

What is RidingMoto and How it Helps Dirt Bike Riders

Find Customized Routes

The app is specially developed for motorcycle enthusiasts, and its technology finds the most ideal routes for motorcyclists. The app works in almost every country and can provide you with the best places to ride dirt bikes near you in any country. 

Crash Guard

Roads and trails are both home to several hazards. Accidents can be terrible, especially if the riders don’t get medical attention quickly. RidingMoto offers a crash guard feature that lets riders select contacts to notify them if they encounter an accident so they can provide first-aid to the rider.

Weather Updates

Weather can make any adventurous ride worse. The RidingMoto app uses the most advanced weather prediction technology to provide accurate weather updates so you can prepare for your ride according to the weather. 

Live Location Sharing 

Now, with RidingMoto, your family and friends will not have to worry about you as you can share your live location with them through a link, and they can track you all the time. Also, with the live location feature, you can locate your fellow riders if they are left behind or have taken the wrong trail. 

Download Route Map Offline

We know you may not always have a mobile network or internet access, so the RidingMoto app allows users to save their route maps offline. Once you save the route map offline, you can navigate anywhere without internet or network access. 

 Voila, these are only some of the many features RidingMoto offers its users. Now, I am confident that you know why RidingMoto is a one-of-a-kind app and why riders hold it in high regard and recommend it to others. 



Riding a dirt bike is the most adventurous activity for any rider, as dirt bike trails are most unpredictable. In this blog, we’ve described some of the best places to ride dirt bikes in the USA. Also, we have provided some tips and responsibilities that you should follow to enhance your dirt bike riding experience. The RidingMoto app can help you find the best places to ride dirt bikes near you, no matter which part of the world you want to ride. Finally, plan, prepare, pack, and get lost with your motorcycle.


California is the best state for dirt bike riding in the USA, as far as I know and experience. Imperial Sand Dunes is located in California and attracts thousands of dirt bike riders each season.

Dirt bikes are illegal in most states not designed for the streets or roads. However, if you modify your motorcycle for street use, you can use it without any worries. 

There is no age limit for dirt bike riding. Even children as young as three can enjoy this thrilling activity in some parks. 

You can’t say that dirt bikes break often; it depends on the rider. If you’re riding your dirt bikes on rugged trails, they will hardly last 20,000 miles, but if you take good care of them, they might last 30,000 miles. 

Yes, it is. Dirt biking is tiring and prone to injuries, as its trails are zigzag and rough. Also, riding on rocks, mountains, and cliffs can increase your heart rate.

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