Automatic Motorcycle vs. Manual Motorcycle: Pros and Cons

The craze for bikes is getting bigger and bigger, and nowadays, we can also see infants riding two-wheeler vehicles. According to Data bridge market research, the motorcycle market was valued at $ 98.80 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.54% from 2023 to 2030 and reach $152.08 billion by 2030. There was a time when only manual transmission on motorcycles was available on the market; however, with the growing technology nowadays, we can also see automatic transmission in motorcycles. 

In today’s write-up, we’ll know the pros and cons of manual and automatic motorcycles and which type of motorcycle should be your first choice for a long bike trip. If you’re a rider or a motorcycle enthusiast, stick to the end of the blog and decide which bike is the best for you.

What is the Manual motorcycle? 

If you were born before 2010, you might know and own a manual motorbike. The manual motorcycle has a pedal gear shifter on the left side, in front of the rider’s footrest, and a clutch lever on the handlebar. Manual transmission motorcycle keeps the riders engaged during the whole ride. 

Manual motorcycles are less heavy than automatic motorcycles and add a dose of excitement for the whole. Also, a manual transmission motorcycle accelerates faster than an automatic motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle should be a thrill, and that’s what a manual motorcycle offers while driving. 

What is an automatic motorcycle?

Automatic motorbikes are equipped with autonomous technology and can shift gears without riders’ help. Manual transmission motorcycles have dominated the market for a long time, but slowly, automatic transmission motorcycles are trying to tilt the motorbike market, but it’s not that easy.

Before you decide which bike to buy, let me take you on a tour of the pros and cons of Manual and automatic transmission bikes.  

What are the pros and cons of Automatic and Manual motorcycles?

The manual and automatic transmission debate has been going on for a long and will continue for a long time. Both types of motorcycles offer several benefits, but as every coin has two, these motorcycles also have drawbacks. 

Pros and cons of manual transmission motorcycle

Manual transmission motorcycle has their share of fans and is the first choice of riders due to its several benefits:

Pros of manual transmission motorcycles

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1. Faster acceleration: As mentioned above, manual motorcycles are less heavy than automatic motorcycles, enabling them to accelerate more quickly. 

2. Less Expensive: Manual bikes are always less expensive than automatic vehicles as fewer components and technology are required than automated vehicles. 

3. Easy to Maintain: Manual bikes have been in the market for a long time, and there are several shops and service stations available to repair manual bikes. Due to this, maintaining or servicing manual bikes is more accessible and less expensive than automatic transmission motorcycles. 

4. Better fuel efficiency: Due to their lighter weight and manual navigation, manual transmission bikes can provide better fuel efficiency than automatic bikes. 

5. Freedom of choice: This one is my favorite. Most bike riders ride bikes for fun and thrill; manual bikes offer both. Manual bikes do what we ask, or we can do it ourselves. On the other hand, you don’t get these things with automatic vehicles. 

Cons of manual transmission motorcycle

  • More challenging to ride: Manual bikes are harder to ride as there are manual bike models with more rigid clutch or brakes that can make riders uncomfortable. 
  • Distraction: In manual bikes, riders have to manage the clutch and gears constantly by themselves, which can cause riders to be distracted from the road. 
  • Learning Curve: Learning a manual bike is difficult compared to automatic bikes as you have to learn about using the clutch, brakes, and accelerator. 

Pros of automatic transmission bike

Automatic transmission motorcycles are slowly making their place in the market. Riders are taking their time to get used to this technology. There are a few pros and cons of automatic bikes, which are as follows: 

1.     Easy to operate: Automatic bikes are easy to ride as riders don’t need any knowledge or control over the clutch and brakes; the bike will do everything by itself.

2.     Learning curve: Due to the computerized clutch and gear control, automatic transmission bikes are much easier for inexperienced or new riders to learn.  

3.     Less distraction: With the automatic gear and clutch facility, riders only need to focus on the road, which helps in reflection, especially in congested intersections. 

Cons of automatic transmission bike

  • It weighs more than manual transmission bikes, so it will also consume more fuel.
  • Automatic transmission bikes are a new technology slowly stabilizing zed in the manual bike market. There are fewer service centers and component stores for automatic bikes, which makes its service and repair expensive.

Which bike should you pick for a long road trip?

Now we know the pros and cons of manual and automatic transmission bikes, so we can decide which type we should use. 

 However, if you’re a rider and prefer going on a long bike road trip, I suggest you go with a manual bike. There are a lot of reasons behind it

1. In remote areas, there are fewer chances or chances to find a mechanic or repair shop for automatic bikes. 

2. You can repair manual bikes by yourself anywhere and anytime with the help of a toolkit. 

3. Bike ride trips should be free, fun, and thrilling; only manual bikes offer both. 

These are the only reasons to pick a manual bike over an automatic motorcycle for a long road trip; there are many more. 

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Riding Moto is a bike trip planner app developed for bike riders to keep all their needs in mind. The app offers several rider-centric features that ensure the rider’s safety and fun. 

Riding Moto offers features like a crash guard to notify friends and family if riders meet an accident. You can share your live location with anyone through the link, and they can track you easily. If you plan to go on an international trip, you can join the riders community worldwide and join them for the trip, or you can also create a community and ask them to join you on a trip. 

There are several other features in the Riding Moto, which you can check by installing the application on your Smartphone. The app is set to be released very soon and has a fermium version so that every rider can use it to enhance their riding experience. Several professional riders have tried our beta version, which holds it in high regard, and recommend it to riders worldwide. 

Critical differences between automatic vs manual motorcycles

Parameter  Automatic Motorcycle  Manual Motorcycle
Transmission SystemAn automatic motorcycle has an automatic transmission that changes the motorcycle gear according to its speed.As the name suggests, riders must do all the tasks, including gear changes and clutches.
Ease of operationAutomatic bikes are easy to learn and operate as they will do some of your tasks.Learning a manual motorcycle takes time, and riders must be very focused when driving or learning to ride one.
Maintenance NeedsThe automatic motorcycle has additional components, making it costlier to maintain.Manual motorcycles are simple and cheaper to maintain.
Availability of OperationsAutomatic bikes are new to the market, and only a few vendors currently deal with automatic motorcycles.Manual bikes have been used for over a decade and are readily available.
PricingIt is the latest technology and comes with additional technology, which makes it expensive.Manual motorcycles are cheaper as compared to automatic motorcycles.
Fuel efficiencyAs stated above, automatic bikes come with additional components, making them heavier than manual motorcycles and consuming more fuel.Manual bikes are more fuel efficient compared to automatic motorcycles due to their less weight and simple mechanism.

Conclusion Automatic vs Manual Motorcycles

Manual transmission motorbike and automatic transmission motorbike both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the rider which bike they want to ride. Most riders prefer manual transmission motorcycles as they are more reliable, easily accessible, and repairable. Automatic bikes can be a good option for new riders as they are easy to ride. However, if you are planning a bike road trip, it is suggested to go with manual bikes, as riders can repair it by themselves with the help of a toolkit. Also, repairing automatic transmission bikes is only some people’s cup of tea.


What is better, a manual or an automatic motorcycle?

I have ridden both, and manual motorcycles are far better than automatic motorcycles. Manual motorcycles are better in every aspect, maintenance, cheaper, and provide more controls.

How do you tell if a motorcycle is automatic or manual?

There are three categories of bikes: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic. It is manual if your bike has a hand-operated clutch or foot-operated transmission. If your motorcycle doesn’t have a clutch, it is semi-automatic; if it doesn’t, it is automatic.

Which is faster, automatic or manual?

Sadly, automatic motorcycles are a little faster. They can shift gear quicker than humans, and an automatic transmission can propel your bike faster.

Which motorcycle is more powerful, automatic or manual?

Manual motorcycles are more potent as they offer me excellent performance and riding experience compared to automatic motorcycles.

Is a manual motorcycle safer than an automatic one?

Yes, no doubt. Manual motorcycles are safer than automatic motorcycles as they offer more control. A manual bike is challenging for a novice but safer than an automatic motorcycle.


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