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There are different types of motorcycles and Words cannot describe my love for bikes; being a rider, bikes give me everything I want: thrill, speed, joy, power, and freedom. But today, it’s not about my love for the bikes; it’s about the different types of motorcycles that are available in the market today. In this write-up, I’ll take you through the different types of bikes and give you an overview of how they differ. We’ll clear the confusion among the bikes, so next time when you buy a new bike or your first bike, you should know what type of Motorcycle will be comfortable for you and fits your needs. So, let’s dive into the different types of motorcycles. 

Motorcycles are the most preferred way to commute and transport. However,  over 20 types of motorcycles confuse riders when picking a bike for themselves. This blog has described 12 types of motorcycles: Standard, Cruiser, Sportbike, naked, Touring, Off-road, Sport touring, Dual sport motorcycle, Superbike, Adventure, Scooter, and Moped. Also, we’ve described a motorcycle road trip planner app that helps riders maintain their motorcycles and plan motorcycle trips.

12 Different types of Motorcycles available in 2024

Today, we can see different types of motorcycles; some look very attractive, some offer extra speed, and some look very stylish. However, with so many options, riders can get overwhelmed when adding a new bike to their collection or buying their first bike. But don’t worry; we’ll dive into every type of Motorcycle and its purpose so you can choose the best one for yourself. 

Different types of Motorcycles, types of Motorcycles

1. Standard Motorcycle

The most common bike type we see nowadays on the roads. It comes with a simple design and weighs less than most other bikes available today. Standard motorcycles are mainly used for daily use due to their better fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness to buy and maintain. Standard motorcycles come in a range of 125cc to 1000cc engines, and their seats are comfortable for everyone. These bikes are not too big and heavy for first-time riders and too small for an experienced rider.

2. Cruiser Type Of Motorcycle

As the name suggests, this type of Motorcycle is specially manufactured for cruising around town or for a good weekend trip. Cruiser bikes start from 200 CC and can go up to 1000 CC, depending on the brand. These bikes offer better sitting and are comfortable compared to standard bikes. Cruiser bikes are also considered the favorite of middle-class families. 

3. Sport Bike

The favorite of every youth, sport bikes are attractive in look and offer more speed than any other bikes. Sport bikes are also considered one of the fastest bikes available in the market, and they also offer great tire grip and can safely lean on the road. Nowadays, you can see every Gen-Z or stylish guy riding this bike. Suzuki launched the first sports motorcycles back in 1980. However, sports bikes lack when it comes to comfort, mileage, and storage features, as the main motto of sports bikes is providing speed.  

4. Naked

 It is a kind of sports bike, but different from theirs. Naked bikes are considered more versatile and stylish bikes compared to others. They offer the same comfort as the regular bikes. Most of the naked bikes had no windshield and no fairing. Naked bikes are also called street fighters as they are fast and offer excellent power on open roads.

5. Touring motorcycle

You might have got an idea about this type of Motorcycle by its name. Touring motorcycles are the most suitable for long bike trips as they offer comfort, storage, and large fuel tanks. These motorcycles offer great features for a bike trip, such as vast wind and weather shields to keep the rider safe from unpredicted weather. It provides more comfortable seats so riders can travel longer distances without taking breaks. Its large fuel tanks are like saviors in remote areas where you cannot easily find the fuel filling station. 

6. Sport Touring Motorcycle

 A perfect blend of speed and touring. Sport touring motorcycles offer high speed with extra space and comfort for the riders. The sport touring bike comes with powerful engines, lightweight, and other sports motorcycle features combined with the touring bike features. 

7. Dual Sport Motorcycle

 If you’re one of those riders who enjoy both on- and off-road riding, this should be your go-to option when buying a new motorcycle. These motorcycles can give you the best experience in both conditions. Apart from this, dual sport motorcycles are categorized into three different categories: Lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. 

8. Off-road Motorcycle

The most preferred type of Motorcycle for adventure lovers who love going on challenging or off-roading tracks. Compared to other motorcycles, these are less heavy and mostly made of high-quality plastic. These bikes effectively ride on grass, mud, dirt, or other conditions. However, with these bikes, riders can only carry a little baggage, but they have a larger fuel tank than other standard bikes.    

9. Superbike

It might be the best type of motorcycle available in the market right now. Superbikes are renowned for their engines, comfort and durability. Today, we can see many prominent personalities owning superbikes in their collection. The superbikes engines start from 600 CC and can go up to 1400 CC.

10. Adventure

Manufactured to provide riders with both on-road and off-road experience. It is also the newest type of Motorcycle available in the market. It has a large displacement and multi-cylinder to ensure effective and comfortable riding on and off the road.

11. Scooter

Scooters are not technically bikes, but being two-wheelers, they are considered a type of Motorcycle. Scooters are less comfortable and are only for short drives or trips. There are no storage options in the scooter. Also, for a long ride, it can be a hectic vehicle as its main motto is to drive on plain roads, or in India, it is mostly to bring groceries and ride to the workplace, nothing more, nothing less. 

12. Moped

Moped motorcycles are small motorcycles. I would consider the moped Motorcycle the worst type of Motorcycle as they have fewer pickups and are built with bad-quality plastics. Also, moped motorcycles consist of engines smaller than the 50CC and don’t offer any safety features. 

Now you know the different types of motorcycles, and you can find the best bike for you. After purchasing the Motorcycle, I know every rider wants to go on a long bike trip and why not? This is what every rider dreams about. 

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Which Types Of Motorcycles should I pick for a long road trip?

Regarding going on a long trip, riders mostly pick touring motorcycles as they offer every required feature for a long journey, like a bigger fuel tank, comfortable seat, and extra storage to carry gear and camping essentials. However, it also depends on the destination you plan for a trip and the bike you feel comfortable riding. 

For riders who love tripping globally, we have developed a bike ride trip planner app named RidingMoto. With this app, you can connect with the riding community all around the globe and plan a bike trip anywhere in the world. 

There are also several rider-centric features in the RidingMoto App 

1. You can join or create a rider community in the application and plan a bike trip with them. 

2. The app has a crash-guard feature that notifies the added family or community friends immediately if the rider has an accident or crash.

3. RidingMoto provides the best bike routes to riders so they can enjoy their trip to the fullest and get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

4. Riders can share their live location with the family or anyone through the link, and they can monitor us throughout the whole ride.

5. The app has a timeline feature, which is fun. In the timeline, Riders can share photos, videos, and stories with the community members. 

In the the world these Types of Motorcycle might be companies launch many other types of Motorcycle buy all riders favorite Riding App Would be RidingMoto because they know riders need very Well. RidingMoto App is one of the highly regarded bike trip planner apps. Several professional riders have evaluated the app’s beta version and are highly impressed by its features.


No other feeling can replace every rider’s feeling when they sit on their bike, which unites every rider despite the type of Motorcycle they are riding. Buying a two-wheeler motorcycle is every youth’s dream, but it’s not easy to pick a suitable bike with so many available options. And I know after reading this write-up, you might be swimming in a pond of happiness and imagining yourself riding your dream Motorcycle. Lastly, be safe out on the roads, and happy riding!


There are 12 types of motorcycles in the market nowadays: Standard, Cruiser, Sportbike, naked, Touring, Off-road, Sport touring, Dual sport motorcycle, Superbike, Adventure, Scooter, and Moped.

Cruisers are considered the most common motorcycle type. By 2021, 44.1% of motorcycles registered in the USA were standard bikes or cruisers. Cruisers are also considered the safest motorcycles in the world. 

The Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter is the costliest bike in the world. It is a limited edition with several advanced features, which set its price at $11 million. 

CC means the bike’s Cubic capacity, which refers to the engine’s power output. The higher the CC, the more power the Motorcycle will give. 

There is no definite answer to this, but if we consider the statistics, the Honda Super Cub is the most sold Motorcycle globally, with over 100 million units. 


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