How to Ride a Motorcycle For Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide

Riding a motorcycle is the best way to forget the daily-life hassle and get close to nature as much as possible. Nowadays, many newbies are passionate about bikes and want to learn how to ride a motorcycle but don’t know where to start. In this write-up, we’ll provide you with every insight into riding a motorcycle so you can at least get on the bike, practice driving on your own, and start wandering in your locality. 

Riding a motorcycle is one of a kind experience and no other activity can provide you the same experience. But as every coin has two sides, riding a motorcycle can also give you the worst experience, especially if you’re not a trained rider. 

Steps To Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle For Beginners In The Quickest Manner

Before learning how to ride a motorcycle, every novice rider should know about the motorcycle parts. 

Know all the Motorcycle parts

The throttle Of Motorcycle

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When I was an infant, this was my favorite component of any motorcycle. I remember tilting the throttle of every standing bike and making an exhaust sound from my mouth. The throttle is located on the right hand of the rider’s side and is used to slow down or speed up the motorcycle. Rolling up the throttle will increase your bike speed, and rolling down will do the opposite.

Motorcycle Brakes

Every type of bike, adventure, sport, or standard, has two brakes: the front brake and another is called the rear brake. Riders can use both brakes to slow down or stop the motorcycle, but remember never to stomp your motorcycle brakes as it might skit or crash your motorcycle. 

Motorcycle Clutch

The clutch will be located on the left handlebar, enabling riders to turn on or off power from the rear wheel to manage the bike speed. 

Motorcycle Gear

Available on the right side of the foot holder, the Gear system enables riders to match the engine speed motorcycle’s speed. Riders used foot to change the gears and each click equals one gear. Gear changing can differ slightly on each bike; it depends on your motorcycle. 

Turn Indicator Switches Off Motorcycle

Indicators don’t come in handy to ride your motorcycle but do come in handy to prevent accidents. It is a small switch on the left handlebar and helps to inform the fellow rider or passerby what turn you’re likely to take. 

Before You know How To Ride A Motorcycle You have to follow this

Get your balance On a Motorcycle

You are one step closer to riding a motorcycle or heading on the road with your motorcycle. But before you put your legs on the motorcycle, it is important that you can make balance on it. It may sound childish, but riding a bicycle is the best way to get the balance. 

Get riding gear before the Motorcycle Ride

Once you can balance your bike and know the different riding components of a motorcycle, it is shopping time for you. As we say, precaution is better than cure; purchasing good riding gear should be your priority, especially for newbies, as they have a higher chance of getting a crash or injury. It is recommended always to wear helmets, gloves, knee pads, and boots when going for a motorcycle ride. 

Check your bike before the Motorcycle Ride

Before heading onto the road to learn how to ride a motorcycle, you must ensure your motorcycle’s condition. Always check your motorcycle’s brakes, gears, horns, and indicators, as these components’ working are necessary for a safe ride. 

Start the bike: You have become a level 1 driver who can take out their motorcycle on the road. Now start your bike, take it to a freeway or no traffic zone, and practice gear shifting, taking turns, and slowing and speeding the motorcycle. 

Practice makes men perfect (women also, no gender racism), and good things always take time. To become a professional or safe rider, you have to ride your motorcycle a few times. With time, you will get comfortable with riding a motorcycle. 

Before you get onto the road with your motorcycle, there are a few tips that every rider, experienced or novice, should take care of to ensure a safe ride. 

Here Are A Few Tips How To Ride A Motorcycle

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  • Maintain optimal speed: Every motorcycle rider loves speed, but you cannot overspeed in heavy traffic areas or crowded places. Riders should always take care of others and their safety, and maintaining an optimal speed is the best way to ensure safety. 
  • Stay focused: Getting distracted is one of the common problems for every rider. Riders should always focus on the road and not take any load, as a slip of a moment can result in an accident.
  • Use hand signals or indicators: There are several hand signals and safety signals for motorcycle riders that every rider should know. We have already created a detailed guide on hand signals on motorcycles; you can go through it and learn some of the common signals to communicate with fellow riders or passersby passersby. 
  • Know and Obey traffic laws: Traffic laws are meant to ensure everyone’s safety on the road, whether you’re a motorcycle rider or a peddler. Knowing and implementing traffic rules should be your priority as a motorcycle rider. 

Motorcycle riders are well praised and a vast community all around the globe. We can see many motorcycle riders helping people differently, which unites us despite our motorcycles. 

Learning how to ride a motorcycle and going on a long motorcycle trip is what every bike enthusiast wants to do and dreams of nowadays. If you’re an experienced rider or have learned motorcycle riding enough to go on a trip, we suggest you install the RidingMoto app. 

It is an international bike trip planner app laced with several riders’ centric features that come in handy on bike trips. Both new riders and experienced ones should install this renowned app as it offers something for both. For new riders or beginners, Ridingmoto will help with safety tips and what type of riding gear should rider’s wear. Whereas for experienced riders or those who love to go on bike trips, the RidingMoto app is a fortune. 

FAQs For Motorcycle Rider

Is it easy to ride a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is not easy, but also not as hard as people say. If you know the bike components and balance yourself, then it will be a cakewalk for you. 

How long does it take to learn to ride a motorcycle?

There is no definite answer to this; I have seen a lot of people who have learned to ride a motorcycle in one day; some take weeks, and some may take months. 

How to ride a motorcycle in the rain?

Motorcycle Riders should always be prepared for all types of weather. Riding a motorcycle in the rain is not rocket science; you have the same clutch, gear, and accelerator. All you need to do is wear a raincoat, take care of the potholes, and ride at an optimal speed. 

What are the best places for beginners to learn to ride a motorcycle?

I asked my friends to teach me to ride a motorcycle, and you can do the same. However, the problem is they might be good riders or have experience in on and off-road driving, but as we say, not everyone can be a teacher. If possible, ask any professional motorcycle riding instructor. Check out this blog How to Ride a Motorcycle For Beginners.

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