Motorcycle Efficiency Tips: Streamlining Your Ride with RidingMoto

Streamline your ride with RidingMoto and Increase Motorcycle Efficiency. Motorcycle rides have the power to provide relief from stress. When we head on an open road with the wind hitting our faces, it is one of the best feelings; it’s like an addiction. Addiction to speed, thrill, adventure, and excitement, which other vehicles cannot provide. 

There are several other reasons people ride motorcycles, such as that they are cheaper than other vehicles, don’t occupy vast space, and provide better gas mileage. However, this blog will focus on a few motorcycle riding techniques and how to acheive efficiency or increase motorcycle mileage efficiency with two wheels to streamline your ride.

How to Increase Motorcycle Efficiency On Two Wheels

On a long motorcycle trip, riding a motorcycle is about enjoying the open road and maximizing efficiency for an adventurous, hassle-free ride. You can quickly maximize your motorcycle efficiency by implementing several strategies and tips. So let’s dive into them: 

Aerodynamics and body positioning

Don’t get confused; we are not studying physics, but I am reminding you a little about physics. Aerodynamics and body positioning can help you increase your efficiency on two wheels. To improve aerodynamics on a motorcycle, you can optimize your body positioning; for example, tucking your body behind a windshield to reduce wind resistance can help you increase motorcycle Mileage. 

Always park in a shaded area

 You might have heard about this if you’ve read your science textbooks. Fuels like petrol and diesel evaporate in the heat. Hence, when you park your bike in the sun for a long time, there is a high chance that your fuel will evaporate. The reason behind fuel evaporation in the heat is that it increases the kinetic energy of fuel. Apart from the fuel, heat can damage your bike in different ways, affecting your motorcycle’s tire quality and damaging the battery and engine oil.

Motorcycle Efficiency Tips,Increase Motorcycle Mileage

Gear Shifting

Being an experienced rider, I learned that changing gears suddenly can negatively impact your bike’s efficiency. When we ride a motorcycle in heavy traffic, we shift gears frequently, which causes more fuel consumption and can also severely affect the bike components like the clutch pad and engine. Apart from speed gears, wearing proper and top-quality riding gear (helmet, gloves, etc) can also effectively increase motorcycle Mileage. Invest in aerodynamically designed helmets, jackets, and gloves that minimize drag and turbulence. Look for gear made from lightweight materials that offer breathability and flexibility without compromising protection.

Motorcycle modification

If you want to enhance your motorcycle’s efficiency, you can prefer to modify it. When riders know about aerodynamics, they can alter and improve the efficiency of their bike. Aftermarket fairing, riders can attach accessories like windshields and belly pans to enhance airflow. Before you modify your motorcycle, we suggest you consult with bike experts, or you can ask anyone from the RidingMoto community. 

Use clean fuel

This is one of the biggest mistakes of the new riders. Several fuel filling points adulterate fuel, which can affect your bike components, and sometimes, unclean fuels can cost you a fortune as they can damage your engine and filtration system. I recommend that you fill fuel only from tried and reliable filling points. However, with the RidingMoto, you can quickly locate a reliable fuel-filling pointy without any worries about unclean fuel. 

Motorcycle Riding Techniques

A motorcycle’s efficiency depends on the riders motorcycle riding techniques. I have seen many riders who need help to maintain a consistent speed. Mastering the riding technique can save you a fortune on a long bike trip. On my 3rd bike trip, I got stuck in the middle of nowhere due to the need for more fuel. One of my fellow riders taught me why it is essential to maintain proper speed and reduce unwanted brakes and accelerators. One more thing that you can do before heading on the road is to check your route condition. Is there any traffic or maintenance ongoing? You’ll increase motorcycle mileage and enhance safety and enjoyment by riding with precision and finesse.

Safety Reminders

While optimizing efficiency is good, keeping yourself safe should be your priority on a long bike trip. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time or heavy rider; you should invest in good quality riding gear. Always wear a good quality helmet, jacket, and boots, and cover your body parts to stay safe from any injury if you encounter unexpected situations. Roads are the home of several severe hazards that can put you in the ICU and put your motorcycle in the garbage, so be careful. Your safety is none other than your responsibility. Apart from wearing riding gear, you should follow the traffic rules and hand signals on a motorcycle. By prioritizing safety, you’ll protect yourself and enhance the overall riding experience for yourself and others.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Both humans and machines need maintenance to boost efficiency. No one will care for your motorcycle; you must do everything yourself. You should regularly check for T-clock (Tires, clutch, lock, oil, control, and kickstand) and keep your motorcycle’s filter clean. Keeping your bike can benefit you in several ways. You will not only save money but also have an enhanced ride experience. 

Efficient Motorcycle Riding Gear, Motorcycle Riding Techniques
These are the essential yet powerful factors and motorcycle riding techniques you should consider to maximize your motorcycle’s efficiency. We also recommend that you install and use the RidingMoto app, which can help you maximize the efficiency of your two-wheeler. 

RidingMoto – The Ultimate Companion For Motorcycle Enthusiasts Tips

RidingMoto is a renowned name among motorcycle riders. With features like route planning tailored to maximize fuel efficiency, real-time weather updates, maintenance reminders, and a vibrant community of riders to share tips and experiences, RIDINGMOTO is your go-to resource for streamlining your journey. Below is how the app’s features can maximize the efficiency on two wheels. 

  • With the RidingMoto , you can connect with the rider’s communities around the globe and ask them for best practices or tips and tricks to enhance motorcycle efficiency. You can also share your own experience with another rider within the community. 
  • As an international app, it lets riders connect with like-minded riders and share their experiences, routes, or other information about road trips, such as eateries, motels, and filling stations. 
  • With the help of RidingMoto, one can easily navigate their route; the app utilizes the latest technology and can alert users of traffic jams and under-construction roads. 


The app is also laced with multiple safety features, including but not limited to; 

The Ultimate Companion for Motorcycle Enthusiasts Tips


  • RidingMoto Crash Guard: The feature enables users to feed in a few contacts they want to contact in an emergency. The feature sends a notification to the added contacts if, for any reason, you get stuck in any unwanted situation or have an accident. 
  • RidingMoto Live Location tracking: As mentioned above, the app is designed for riders who love exploring untraveled roads. The app has a live location tracking feature that allows riders to share their location with anyone by sending them a link. Once the riders send a live location link, the recipient can track all his movements without interruption, and if they think they are stuck or lost from their track, they can easily navigate them. 

These are only a few of the many features that RidingMoto offers for bike enthusiasts. Download RIDINGMOTO today and experience the difference on two wheels!


Riding a Motorcycle is not just a mode of transportation; for some people, it is a feeling and a way to forget everyday drudgery. Whether you’re a commuter, a weekend warrior, or an avid adventurer, embracing efficiency on two wheels will surely enhance your riding experience for years to come. In this blog, I’ve provided a few tips and motorcycle riding techniques to ensure the efficiency of two wheels. RidingMoto is a must-have application for every rider as it comes in handy in several unwanted scenarios and allows you to connect with someone you know and count. 



There are a few things that you should consider to maximize the two-wheeler mileage: 

  • Accelerate Gently
  • Maintain steady speed
  • Anticipate traffic
  • Avoid high speed
  • Don’t change gears and press brakes frequently

Per my experience, all motorcycles offer better fuel mileage when cruising at a lower speed, around 35-40 Km/h. The faster you drive, the more wind resistance your bike will face and the more fuel it will consume. 

As far as I know, the lower gears consume more fuel; in lower gears, the engine revs higher and consumes more fuel. Riding at a higher speed can save you fuel, but you should always consider the traffic, road hazards, and other factors before speeding. 

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