The Tremola Road over the Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

An ancient 18-mile cobblestone road with an impossibly scenic collection and hairpin turns.  You're always prone to sliding. Some riders recommend riding on this road with a parachute.

The M58 Through Siberia, Russia  

It is a perfect blend of minus 24 degree temperature, completely dark, with no light and  civilization. If you beat everything, then race with the wild wolves.  

Road 42 from Donghae to Sasa Dong, Korea  

This scenic stretch from Donghae to Sasa Dong is an adventurous route with 1500-foot-high  mountains and a lot of curves.  

N14 From Marrakech through Western Sahara  

Want to Ride on another planet? Raid N14 from Marrakech through western Sahara. You'll feel  so small and alone and have no idea where you are; only the dessert will be your companion.  

Los Caracoles Pass, Chile  

It is one of the most ridiculously dangerous roads in the world. The service of curves  that ask for proficient riding skills is not suggested for infants.  

North Yungas Road, Bolivia 

Also known as Death Road, it is a full roller coaster ride without any safety. Almost 2000  motorcyclist have lost their life on this route.  

Karakoram Highway- Pakistan to China  

Once a part of the Silk Route, the Karakoram Highway is the riders' nightmare. The route is  prone to landslides and has taken the lives of several tourists and locals.