Warlock Motorcycle club

Formed in 1967, the Warlock Motorcycle Club was one of the primary gangs in  Pennsylvania. Warlock clubs have members who are mostly Vietnam veterans and  mostly ride Harley-Davidson bikes.

Rebels Bikers club  

Rebels Bikers Club was formed in 1969 in Australia by Clint Jacks under the name of  Confederate. The bikers club have over 1000 members in Australia and has recently (in  2011) tried to set up a chapter in Australia.  

Devil’s disciple

A Canadian outlaw motorcyclist club, Devil Disciple, was formed in 1965. There was a  time when Devil Disciple was one of Canada's most powerful motorcyclist clubs.  

The Mongols 

Formed in 1969, the Mongols motorcyclist group was formed in Montebello, California,  and today has 2000 members internationally. It is the only motorcycle group in the world  that charges a membership fee and follows a 70-page rule book.  

Black Pistons Motorcycle Club

An international motorcycle outlaw club was formed in 2002 in Germany and now  expands through Asia, North America, and Europe. Black Piston Club members have to  attend the weekly meetings and mandatory functions.   

Hell angels 

Hells Angels, the world's most renowned and biggest motorcycle club, was established  in 1948, and since then, it has grown strongly and has over 6000 members and 467  chapters in 59 countries.  

Create your own biker community  

You can also create your own biker community with the help of RidingMoto. It is an  international app used by millions of bike enthusiasts around the world.