Prevent fogging on helmet visors

Fog makes riding in the winter a tedious task as the helmet visor gets fogged up and  reduces visibility. Thankfully, you can apply toothpaste to your helmet visor and wipe it  out, and your visor will not get fogged.

Parking on muddy or loose surface  

One of the most common problems in the rainy season is parking the motorcycle on a  loose surface; heavy motorcycles can be a headache. You can put an aluminum can or  other solid material under your motorcycle stand. 

Securing the helmet after a ride 

We all have faced this problem when carrying our helmets on our hands after the ride.  To get rid of this, you can buy motorcycle helmet locks and attach your helmet to your  vehicle without any hassle. 

De-greasing the riding gear 

The problem of grease stains on clothing is a very common problem for two-wheeler  riders. However, there is a simple solution to this: WD 340 lubricant can easily remove  stains from the clothes as well as hands. 

T-CLOCK Check before heading to the road  

T-CLOCK (Tyres, clutch, lock, oil, control, and kickstand): always check these things in  your motorcycle before heading to the road. Several multi-purpose utility tools can  check all these things. 

Fixing Tubeless Tires Puncture 

No matter what model your motorcycle is, its tires will always be prone to puncture.  Fortunately, if your motorcycle’s tires are tubeless, you can fix puncture by using the tire  sealant. A simple and practical solution for punctured tires. 

Use a muffin tin to organize your bike screws 

A motorcycle has a lot of screws that hold them together, and losing these screws can  be daunting. You can use a muffin tin to keep your screw managed during maintenance  tasks. By doing this, you can also find your screws fast.