Standard Motorcycle

The most common bike types available on the market are mostly used for daily life activities or  commuting. Standard motorcycles have mid-range engines, pocket-friendly prices, and are  comfortable to ride in different conditions.

Cruise Motorcycle

As the name defines, these are specially designed for cruising in one's own territory or on  weekend trips. Cruiser Motorcycles typically have low seats, large engines, and forward- mounted foot controls.

Touring Motorcycle

These bikes are super comfortable and mainly for cross-country or long bike trips. They are  larger than other bikes and offer ample storage to prep for your long journey.

Sports Motorcycle

Gen Z's favourite and probably one of the costliest bikes we commonly see on the road. These  bikes are known for their speed and powerful engines, and they are mostly made of lightweight  material.

Naked Motorcycle

These bikes are the same as sports bikes but a little different from them. Due to the no screen  on the handlebar and fairing to obscure the engine shield, makes it lighter and faster on the  road.

Sport Touring Motorcycle

A perfect blend of speed and comfort. With a sports touring bike, you can get the best of both  worlds, like the comfort of a touring bike and the speed of a sports bike.  

Dual Sports Motorcycle

These bikes are also called the do-it-all bikes of the motorcycle world. With a Dual sports  motorcycle, you can conquer both street roads and off-roads for the ultimate experience.

Off-road Motorcycle

You probably know what off-road motorcycles are.


There is no definition for superbikes, but I think you know what superbikes are. For me, any bike  with 1000CC or more engine capacities falls in the superbike category.

Adventure Motorcycle

The adventure motorcycle offers excellent comfort and speed on and off-road, with a large  storage capacity. The adventure bikes are a blend of standard Motorcycle and off-road bike  parts.