DOT Approved Headlight  

A DOT-approved headlight is a must for riding your dirt bike on the streets. Make sure  the headlight you put on your dirt bike can switch between low and high beams;  otherwise, it will not satisfy the traffic laws.

Tail/brake light  

A tail/brake light in your dirt bike is also required in all states to make your bike street- legal. Some states require the tail light to be on at all times; it is recommended to use  LED lights for the tail lights. 

Turn signals 

It is not compulsory to have turn signals in all states, as some states require hand  signals to be used. However, it is always a good move to install turn signals as they  offer more control over the handlebar when signing the passerby.  


Most states in the US don’t say anything about exhaust, but to stay safe from getting a  ticket from traffic authorities, you should implement EPA-approved exhaust on your dirt  bike.  

Rearview mirror  

Having a rearview mirror is compulsory when riding a bike on the street. It is also  important for safety, as it gives you a better picture of who’s coming up behind you.   

Put License Plate  

The only thing that is compulsory in all states and countries is having a number plate.  However, the states have different rules regarding the display of this information, so  before hitting the road, check the information with the DMV. 

DMV Approval  

Once you put all the utility into your dirt bike, you should visit the DMV (department of  Motor Vehicles) office for approval to ride your dirt bike on the streets. If you don’t get  approval, ask them for the necessary changes and implement them.