Define your community’s guidelines  

Before approaching any riders to join your community, you have to clear your guidelines,  for example, what type of riders you will include, whether you will include riders with a  specific motorcycle brand, or from a specific location, etc.

Create a community on RidingMoto 

Now, download an application named RidingMoto and create an online community on  the platform. RidingMoto is an international app that lets riders join your community  from any corner of the world. 

Add and Follow Riders  

Add and follow riders you want to add to your community or ask riders to join your  community and invite other fellow riders as well to raid the untraveled road with you. 

Keep community members in loop  

Create challenges for your community members to keep them in the loop and get  connected with others to create a bond among them. You can also provide rewards if  someone complete the challenge. 

Plan a Trip   

Once your community riders know each other and count each other as buddies, you can  plan a Motorcycle trip with the community wanders. I assure you this will be one of your  best moments.   

Host events  

Once you have a few riders in your community, you can host an event so other people  and riders will also know about your community and can join you. 

Register your community as a Nonprofit organization

Once you build up a rider community, you can register it as a legal entity to provide serval benefits to the members like insurance, event organizations, etc.