Right Turn

Extend your left arm and make a 90-degree angle with your arm.Ensure your right hand is on the throttle and your focus is on the road. 

Left Turn 

Open your left arm straight and keep your palm downwards. Now,  slowly take your turn so the vehicles behind you can slow down their speed. 


You can indicate the stop sign by flashing your indicator lights or can extend your arm and make a downward 90-degree angle.  

Cops Ahead 

The most useful and humble signal for every motorcycle rider. Simply make a few taps on your helmet with your left hand.  

Hazard on the Road 

You can become a saviour by pointing out the hazards. When a hazard is on the left side, point with your left hand; on the right, point with your right foot. 

The Biker Wave 

Old school riders’ favourite signal. Make a 45-degree angle with your left hand and show a victory sign. The sign is used to praise or say hello to fellow riders.   

What the hell are you thinking 

Gen Z’s most used signal. Make a 60-degree angle and make your taller finger stand taller. In short, show the middle finger. 

Pro tips 

• Only use the left hand to signal fellow riders or passersby.  • Maintain a minimal speed so the vehicle behind you gets sufficient time to slow down. 

Pro tips 

• Use hand signals as much as possible, especially on crowded roads.  • Never mix, drink and drive.

Pro tips 

• If you do not understand the signals of other riders, slow down your motorcycle and stay in your lane. Ride safe, be safe, be adventurous! Let’s explore the world together on two wheels.