Husqvarna is an Austrian company that started motorcycle  production in late 1903. Usually, the company was established in 1689, and in  prior days, they built muskets, but in 1903, they jumped into motorcycle  production and launched their first Motorcycle under the name of Husky.

Harley Davidson (1903) 

Nowadays, every rider dreams of owning a Harley  Davidson. Harley Davidson was started in 1903 by two childhood friends, William  S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. Today, after 121 years, it is one of the biggest  motorcycle brands in the world.  

TRIUMPH (1902) 

Triumph Engineering Co Ltd. is one of the largest motorcycle  manufacturers in the UK. Triumph has been building Motorcycles since 1901;  during the First World War, the company produced over 30,000 motorcycles,  including their iconic model H Roadster, aka Trusty Triumph. 

Indian Motorcycles (1901) 

Don’t get confused by the name. Indian Motorcycle is  an American company established in 1901. In 1910, Indian Motorcycle was the  largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Its most famous model was  Scout, which was on the market from 1920 to 1946.  

Royal Enfield (1901) 

This is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer, still working  and ruling the market. Royal Enfield has been manufacturing motorcycles since  1901, and today, it is building classic motorcycles in India, including the Royal  Enfield Bullet, Classic 350, and Thunderbird.  

OPEL (1899) 

The Opel automobile was founded in 1862 by Adam Opel and  manufactured its first automobile in 1899. The company built the Opel RAK  program, the first rocket program, in 1928. After the RAK program, OPEL became  the largest car manufacturer in 1930.  

PEUGEOT (1898) 

Peugeot Manufacturing is a France-based automobile  manufacturing company that started back in their first Motorcycle back in 1898.  Peugeot was the leading Motorcycle manufacturer till 1950. In 2014, Indian  company Mahindra acquired a 51% stake in Peugeot.