Moab Utah

Moab, Utah, is heaven for dirt bike enthusiasts, with over a hundred OHV trails. With all  types of dirt bike trails, red rock trails, canyons, and national parks, Moab, Utah, offers  some of the best views for riders.

Imperial Sand Dunes 

Imperial Dune (aka Glamis) is one of the best places to ride on sand; with a wide area of  40 miles and dunes over 300 feet high, Imperial Sand Dune is a must-visit place for dirt  bike enthusiasts.  

Taylor Park Colorado  

Taylor Park Colorado is the ultimate outdoor adventure place for jeeps, dirt bikes and  UTV enthusiasts. Taylor Park is like a giant playground, and you can go here with your  family. There are several other activity options available here: hiking trails, fishing,  camping, etc.  

Hatfield McCoy trail  

With over 500 miles of managed trail, Hatfield McCoy Trail is an iconic place and has  something for everyone. You can choose to ride in the woods or raid the twisted  mountain curves, or you can do both on the same day.  

Sawtooth National Forest  

Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho is known for offering some of the best views on dirt  bike trails. In addition to dirt bike trails, there is a swimming hole and hot spring for your  enjoyment and the trail features plenty of steep descents and rocky sections. 

Black Hills National Forest  

Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota is a breathtaking 600-mile OHV trail. The  national forest has three different types of trails: prairie plains, rock trails, and wooded  trails. Black Hills Forest is a perfect place to plan a week trip with your family.  

Red River Motorcycle Trail 

The Red River is the best place to test your riding skills. There are no easy trails  available in the Red River, but in fact, there are different types of trails available,  including sand, rock, dirt, and clay. The park only opens on weekends, and I suggest you  visit at least once.