Motorcycle Weather App

Enter temperature, wind, weather type, and riding conditions, and  the app will suggest the best time when the weather will meet your entered conditions.


A recommended app for GPS navigation and staying up-to-date with traffic, route  diversions, and obstacles. It also shows accurate time of arrival or reach.   

Gas Buddy 

Shows the nearest gas filling station with their rating and gas prices. Hence, there  is no need to worry about high gas prices or cheap quality fuel.   

Autosist App 

The best app to store your motorcycle-related documents and set reminders for  repairing or any bike-related problem, like oil change, brake, filter service, etc.  

My Ride App by Yamaha 

My Ride app tracks every minute detail about your ride, such as how  long you are riding, the lean angle, the total distance covered, and the average speed.  

My Moto App 

It shows every minute detail about your motorcycle, its model, how many miles  it has travelled how much mileage it gives, service history, tax etc.  


The app is all in one and provides everything previous apps offer separately: GPS  navigation, crash guard, Motorcycle detail, Ride detail, Weather, and customized motorcycle  routes.