Stay Visible

Most accidents occur at night due to the riders not being visible to others. When riding  in the night, wear high-contrast riding gear and helmets to increase your visibility.

Don’t ride tired 

The human body is addicted to rest in the night. If you are tired or need rest, you  shouldn’t ride a motorcycle as you might not react quickly.  

Keep your focus on the road 

It’s common to get distracted at night, which can result in severe accidents. Always  keep your focus on the road when riding a motorcycle doesn’t matter whether in night or  day.

Flash Headlight before overtaking  

Always flash the headlight when overtaking any vehicle in the night so the vehicle driver  can see you and understand your intentions of overtaking them. 

Ride at a minimal speed  

Riding at a minimal speed is always a good idea, so if any object occurs in front of your  vehicle suddenly, you get enough time to press brakes and stop your motorcycle from  hitting the object. 

Always keep your helmet on  

Helmets are the most important thing to wear when riding a motorcycle, as they reduce  the chance of dying in a crash by 70%. Always invest in good-quality helmets. 

Ride on your lane 

Always keep your lane. Don’t get excited or behave like a child by switching lanes or  riding in the wrong lane. Riding in the wrong lane can put you in the ICU in a blink of an  eye