The Tallest Motorcycle

Fabio Reggiani designed and built the tallest rideable motorcycle, standing at an impressive 16 feet and 8.78 inches.

World's Most Expensive Motorcycle 

Priced at a staggering $11 million 

Origins of Cafe Racers 

Cafe racers emerged in post-World War II Britain 

Isle of Man TT 

The most dangerous motorcycle races in the world, with over 200 rider fatalities since its inception in 1907. 

Motorcycle Sidecar's Origins 

During World War I, they were repurposed to transport weapons and ammunition. 

Fastest Wheelie 

Gary Rothwell set the record for the fastest wheelie on a motorcycle, clocking an astonishing 193.3 mph. 

Longest Journey on a Motorcycle 

Emilio Scotto holds the record for the longest journey on a motorcycle, covering over 457,000 miles across 279 countries and territories.