Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the worst and biggest problem in hot weather, and when we ride  motorcycles, we also have to face the hot winds, which result in water and salt depletion  from our bodies. So drink water frequently and eat some salty snacks.

Wear Venerated apparel 

Ventilation is very important in summer as our body produces more sweat, which can  result in rashes and itching. You can wear nylon and polyester fabrics as both absorb  and release moisture. 

Check the Condition of the Tyres  

Tires are the only component between our bike and the road. Excessive heat can blow  out your tyres or make them skid, so always check your vehicle’s tyre before heading to  the road. 

Park your Motorcycle in Shades 

Whenever you take a break, park your bike in shades, as the hot weather can affect  several components of your bike, including the tyre, engine, fuel tank, etc.

Protect Yourself from Bike Burn 

A hot engine or exhaust pipe is a big problem in summer motorcycle trips as it can  affect the body parts that come in contact with these bike parts. Always keep a heat- resistant material with you to keep yourself safe. 

Have a Backup Plan  

Weather is the most unpredictable thing, and what if it rains on your summer trip?  Riders should always be ready for any weather conditions.  

Don’t Ignore the Heat Strokes Signs  

When riding for a long time in summer, you can have heat strokes. You should know the  stroke signs (heavy sweating, fatigue, headache, etc) when planning a motorcycle trip in  summer.