The Silent Wave

Riders use a subtle hand movement called the "Silent Wave" to communicate silently without alerting other road users.

Left for Fuel

A little-known fact is that tapping your left shoulder indicates you need to refuel – a crucial signal often overlooked.

Two-Finger Point

Two fingers pointing downwards while riding signifies an upcoming obstacle, giving fellow riders a heads-up to stay vigilant.

Mirror, Mirror

Adjusting the mirrors isn't just for personal comfort; it's also a discreet signal that your group is about to change lanes.

The S.O.S. Signal

A quick tap on the helmet warns riders behind about police presence, helping everyone maintain legal speeds.

Throttle Language

Slightly rolling off the throttle without braking indicates a desire to slow down, providing a smooth and subtle communication method.

Glove Code

Riders often use a series of taps or gestures on their gloves to communicate complex messages without saying a word.