The Oldest Motorcycle Company 

Peugeot Motorcycles is the world’s oldest  motorcycle company, manufacturing motorcycles since 1898 and currently  operates two production sites.  

Record-Breaking Speeds 

Since the first motorcycle, several new  manufacturers have appeared and reaching the fastest speed has become a  competition. The first grand prix winner had 13km/h speed. Today’s fastest  speed reached by motorcycle is 605.69km/h.  

The Influence of War 

During the war, motorcycle production increased  rapidly as the military used motorcycles to transport goods and communicate  with the troops faster. Also, motorcycles can be flown anywhere.

The Rise of Electric Motorcycles 

During World War 2, the United States  faced the problem of fuel for motorcycle troops. In 1941, Merle Williams  from the USA invented the first electric motorcycle.  

The Future of Motorcycles 

Motorcycles are here to stay. It is the most cost- effective and preferred way to commute and transport. However, we’ll  surely see significant changes in Motorcycle technology in the future.